Tours Hanoi – Yen Tu – Halong – Sapa – Ninh Binh


“From the point of bearing the sword to expand the country – Thousand years of Thang Long missed”. Indeed, for guests from afar never once come to Hanoi, would be very curious and explore the characteristics of the land thousands of years of civilization, with Flange Nhat Tan peach, flower markets Goods Combs, with flowers milk passionate, with teahouses bureaucratic tumbledown, with Ngu street slowly walked past me on, with all four spring – lower – revenue – east …. Besides, with this journey you also have the opportunity to explore a romantic Sapa in clouds – dubbed lands of terraced land “as the heavenly ladder” in the villages; a world natural heritage Ha Long wonders, a dazzling Tuan Chau on the South China Sea and a mystery to Yen Tu is still preserved many historical sites with the nickname “land of Buddhism in Vietnam”  – Hanoi vietnam package tour


DAY 01: HANOI – YEN TU – Ha Long (B meals: breakfast + lunch + dinner)
Morning: The Yen Tu Pagoda Tourism Delegation breakfast meal in the restaurant, then check out hotel and car depart Yen Tu – A famous scenic spots of Quang Ninh province. Along the way you stop at Red Star break – Hai Duong …. You continue to cruise departure to Yen Tu, on the road free to relax or take part in games organized by the tour guide and get the gifts “attractive” and “value” … 09h30 delegation to destinations list Yen Tu, visit Hoa Yen Pagoda, Stupa, Truc Lam Tam, Hang Tung 700 years old, the group down the mountain to visit Truc Lam, fruit weighing 6 tonnes as Italy, ranked Vietnam Guinness …. Lunch at the restaurant then continue the journey to Halong.
PM: Arrive Ha Long, check in hotel, free to relax and swim … 18h30 Have dinner at the restaurant. Then you take the car you visit the resort in Tuan Chau Island – a resort entertainment international stature in Halong Bay, where you are free to watch the show performing arts such as music monumental and modern water or cavalcade circus dolphin watching ….. (expenses excluded). 22:00 Visit the bus and depart the hotel, free travel Halong night market …. Stay overnight in the coastal city of Ha Long.
DAY 02: HA LONG – HANOI – SAPA (B meals: breakfast + lunch + dinner)
Morning: Travel Halong You get up early, watching the sunrise over the sea and breathe the fresh air in place be regarded as maintained wonders Land – Heaven … Then you eat breakfast at the restaurant of hotels. 0830 Delegation to the car and drive to the International wharves Bai Chay Tourism and begin the journey by sea to visit Halong Bay – Where once two times by UNESCO as a world natural heritage and recent travelers guest voted as one of the 7 natural wonders of the new world … delegation greatest landscapes of the Bay such as Thien Cung is such an attractive offer of the classic sun and visit Dau Go cave. These are two of the most beautiful caves in the complex world natural heritage Ha Long Bay. Then the delegation returned to the yacht and lunch on board and sightseeing on the bay as stone Dog, Dinh Huong island, Ga Choi island and fishing village on the Bay … 11:30 ships dock, Cars met and transferred to hotel property.
Afternoon: rest and hotel check-out procedures. Then goodbye Halong hit the road back to Hanoi. On the road through the Hai Duong you stay stop and buy the produce of local celebrities such as green bean cake; Cake prickly, dry Labels …. As a gift for family and friends. Then continue the journey, transfer to Hanoi Car, dinner at a restaurant, then union roam freely in the famous shopping district of Hanoi, such as Big C; Vincom or Trang Tien Plaza … Then Ga 20h00 delegation present at Tran Quy Cap, procedures on ships and depart for Sa Pa – Lao Cai (Overnight on board)
DAY 03: TRAVEL SAPA (B meals: breakfast + lunch + dinner)
Morning: Tourism Sapa in Lao Cai Train Station, Vehicles and Guides Asia Travel Ciao Welcome at Lao Cai Station, take you to Sapa, check in hotel and breakfast in the restaurant … After which you depart the bus to visit: Silver Falls, Heaven Gate … On the way, admire Sapa Majestic … You come with Waterfall Thac Ba with clear and cold rolling eyes overflowed from 50m height. Then depart for sightseeing Cost stations and shooting with Northwest Mountain Forest and Hung Vy Hoang Lien Son range. 11:00 You see and departure to the hotel, check in and rest. 12:00 Lunch at the restaurant.
PM: You are free to relax, walk in Sapa …
Evening: Dinner at the restaurant, then you are free to roam or join Sapa market situation (if on Saturday). Overnight at hotel in Sapa
DAY 04: TRAVEL SAPA (Eat breakfast: Noon night, Glow +)
Morning: Travel the sand Sapa After breakfast, drive to visit The Cat learn customs and culture of the Hmong, see brocade weaving techniques of ethnic, visit HPP old French colonial building … Group by sightseeing and save yourself the stunning picture of where spectacular mountains that … 12:00 Lunch at the restaurant with dishes prepared from local produce such as pork copies; chicken hill …. Will certainly attract the customers.
Afternoon: visit Ham Rong mountain resort, visit an orchid garden, courtyard and free Clouds see performances of dance music by the boys and girls from the village. Hmong, Thai, then the freedom to explore and see the panoramic Sapa Ham Rong Mountain and himself saved stunning moments where the mountains northwest of the beautiful pictures … Then about hotel to rest and dine. Group by walking, sightseeing and enjoying nightlife Sapa dishes sold by the local population, such as grilled pork armpit stolen, corn, baked potatoes, baked eggs ….. (Cost of dinner self )
DAY 05: SAPA – HANOI (B meals: breakfast + lunch + dinner)
Morning: Tourism Sapa After breakfast at the restaurant, You break free market and central Sapa and enjoy the dishes characterized by mountain peoples. And buy local products as gifts for relatives and drawings. 11:30 Have lunch at the restaurant. Then prepare to hotel luggage and hotel check-out procedures.
PM: You procedures at hotel, then visit the Rattan Bridge Delegation car, on the way you admire the Lao Chai and Ta Van Bai Sapa ancient stone then continue the journey to visit the famous Bridge known by rattan crossing Muong Hoa River noisy rolling, now has a wooden bridge, steadiness and safer. If lucky to at fog rolls from Muong Hoa stream to cover Cau May, guests find themselves floating in the clouds …. Then depart for Lao Cai, and dine at the restaurant. Union general practice at Lao Cai Station (At 19:00) – Ships began departing for Hanoi at 20h10 (Overnight on Train)
DAY 06: HANOI – HOA LU – TRANG AN – Bai Dinh (Eat meals: breakfast + lunch + dinner)
Morning: Hoa Lu, Ninh Binh Tourism 04h45 Hanoi Ga access trains, automobiles met and depart 98km from Hanoi, Ninh Binh, your riding scenic rural countryside of Vietnam … 06h30 delegation to Henan , rest stop and dine in the restaurant breakfast (cost self) then continue their journey graphics Lu, you visit the Temple of King Dinh and King Le and to hear guides Introduction about feats, historical references related to the two kings of two Vietnam feudal dynasty in the 10th century …. 09h00 tour to visit Bai Dinh Pagoda is famous for many record: Campus both the Bai Dinh Pagoda has an area of ​​107ha, of which the Shrine of the Three World and France Owner thousands of square meters wide; at this temple buddha statue in Southeast Asia’s largest copper weighs 100 tons and three statues Tam, each piece weighing 50 tons.
Afternoon: 13h00: Guests of cars to boats along the middle of rice fields spring resort visited Chang’an where the limestone band, valleys and rivers intertwined space creates a magical, mysterious, precious Hang friendly bright crimson, dark cave, Hang cooking wine … You come here have the chance to admire the marvels of nature with beautiful stalactites system equally caves in Ha Long Bay and the chance to find understand, experience the cultural space polite here …. 15:30 departure we drive up to Hanoi, get rest and have dinner at a restaurant …. After dinner, free to roam and city views – bustling Hanoi wards at night.

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