Hanoi tourist attractions - hanoi tourist information

List of most popular attractions in Hanoi tourist, Vietnam such as Hoan Kiem Lake, West Lake, Trang Tien plaza and Halong as well. Furthermore providing some places which have interesting festivals .

Dong Ngac - ancient village in Hanoi

Located about 10km from downtown Hanoi, Dong Ngac ancient village is an ideal place for visitors who want to escape from the city's noise and learn more about lifestyle of Old Hanoi.
Tay Thien Pagoda

Just over one hour drive from Hanoi, Tam Dao and Tay Thien Pagoda is becoming a famous attractive destination for tourists when travelling around Hanoi.
Hang Luoc Flower Market

Formed in the early 20th century, Hang Luoc Flower Market is considered as the oldest flower market in Hanoi.
5 places to spend your Christmas night in Hanoi (P2)

Besides Hang Ma Street and churches in Hanoi, you also can spend your Christmas night at hotels, music shows or shopping malls.
5 places to spend your Christmas night in Hanoi (P1)

Although Christmas is not a public holiday in Vietnam, it has been received much recognition from the local residents. From the beginning of December,...
Le Mat Snake Village in Hanoi

Le Mat “snake village” may be known as one of the unique tourist destination of Hanoi. >>Check-in places at the beginning of winter in Hanoi >>Most...
Check-in places at the beginning of winter in Hanoi

Winter is coming to the capital of Vietnam, Hanoi. An ancient coffee shop, Long Bien Bridge or West Lake,… are favorite check-in places of...
Most attractive museums in Hanoi

As a capital of Vietnam with more than 1000 years of history, Hanoi has many attractive museums that tourists should not ignore. >>Rice cooking competition...

One of the meaningful activity in Vietnamese Tet festivals is Rice cooking competition. A rice cooking competition is held to encourage women to take...
Huong Pagoda Festival

Across the country, the first month of the lunar year is considered the month of festivals. This is the time for the most unique...