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Considered as one of typical food of Khmer cuisine, Fish Amok is the dish which tourists should not miss while travelling to Cambodia.



Referring to the Southeast Asia cuisine, surely Thailand and Vietnam will be two names most mentioned. As for Cambodian cuisine, tourists often do not notice, but if once tasted, you must have been impressed by unique flavors of this country. Fish Amok is considered as the essence of Cambodian style. This is a dish which combines the full of own flavors of this land: sweetness from jaggery, fatty sweetness of coconut water, gently faint smell of Prohok sauce, mingled with characteristic flavor of banana leaves. All are characterized Khmer, enchant both the natives and the tourists have once tasted.

Fish Amok

Making Fish Amok requires a lot of materials such as fillet fish (or catfish), Khuong, coconut milk, duck eggs, jaggery, a little Prohok sauce and folium sauropi.

Khuong, Prohok sauce, sugar and egg are mixed into a mixture, and cooked. Fillet fish pieces are wrapped in this mixture, added a few folium sauropi leaves, and then wrapped in banana leaves and steamed. When serving, the dish will have fragrant smell of coconut and banana leaves. Surely, Amok fish will be attractive tourists with both smell and flavor: fleshy of fish and duck egg, the scent and fat of coconut, sweetness of jaggery and slightly acrid flavor of folium sauropi leaves.

In cool rainy afternoon, enjoying a plate of Amok steamed fish with sticky rice and soy sauce, adding a cup of palm wine with sweet ginger flavor, diners will be “fascinated” by Cambodian food.