10 reasons why tourists “head over heels in love” with Hanoi walking streets

10 reasons why tourists “head over heels in love” with Hanoi walking streets
UPDATED: 04 May 2017 51 Views

Hanoi walking street is becoming ideal place for tourists and Hanoians in the weekend with a lot of exciting activities, traditional games and arts. Here are 10 reasons why travelers especially foreign tourists “head over heels in love” with Hanoi walking streets.

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Walking street is an ideal place where you can enjoy the weekend

Hanoi Walking Street

Besides some parks, it is hard to find a place where has a large space to play, sing and explore many cultural values as walking street. Hanoi in mind of some tourists is crowded, noisy and bustling; however, since Hanoi walking street is put an operation in September, 2016, it becomes a perfect place to enjoy fresh air right in the heart of the capital city. Life seems to slow down, people throw away all of stresses and worries of daily life.

People can go back to childhood with many folk games

Only with some “very simple tools” such as ropes, bamboo sticks and pebbles, the traditional games held from 16 to 20pm every Saturday and Sunday attract a lot of tourists. It is easily to catch the images of young boys are playing skipping, girls or even foreigners are sitting down on courtyard to play bamboo jacks or mandarin square capturing. These folk games will help you forget all the worries and take you back to childhood with full of fun and joyfulness. It not only brings a great experience but also is a link connecting foreigners and Hanoians. After playing skipping, Mr. David (comes from Singapore) said that: ”The folk games are really fun and promote community engagement. People in Hanoi are very friendly and hospitable”.

Playing Folk Games

Happy because of… walking

For a long time, the streets around Hoan Kiem Lake are always crowded and noisy with a lot of people, motorbikes and cars so the image of the street with full of pedestrians makes a strange and interested feeling. Walking slowly to see Hoan Kiem Lake, Ngoc Son Temple, The Huc Bridge and sometimes stopping at one of street vendors near walking street to enjoy delicious foods in Hanoi are exciting experiences you must try when traveling to Hanoi.

Enjoy street music and free to running and skateboarding,…

Street music is always a fascinating form of art. Now, people easily enjoy street music at every corners at walking street. People stand around, sway and sing along to every lyric.

In the past, if you want to practice hiphop, play skateboarding, patin, scooter or balance wheel,… you only play at Flower Garden Ly Thai To but now you have a large area at walking street.

Free to play games in walking street

Keeping the beautiful moments

There are a lot of photographers, couples, young people coming to walking street at Hoan Kiem Lake to take pictures. If you want to have amazing photos, walking street is a best place for you.

Being free to do what you want

At walking street, you can freely to do what you like, from sleeping on benches, sitting on the street to chat or listening to music, eating street foods.

Buy water at water vending machines

Water Vending Machine

Water vending machines are one of interesting products at Hoan Kiem’s walking street. 5 vending machines with many advantages make many people excited. Although it has compact design, each machine can contain about 300 products.

You have to pay in cash with the face value from 1,000-50,000VND. The price of products is quite affordable, for example, the price of a mineral water bottle is 5,000VND, soft drink is 10,000VND.

Free Wifi

The free wifi system is equipped with a dedicated outdoor wireless transmitter that provides high performance and reliability under different weather conditions. Each wifi transmitter can serve 40 access devices at the same time.

You can access this Wifi system by smartphone, tablet,… with Wifi’s name Freewifi_UBNDHANOI. After 10 seconds introducing banner and logo of sponsors, you continue enter your phone number and can use free Wifi within 30 minutes. Time out, Wifi will automatically shut down, if you want to re-access, you must repeat the steps above.

Music Show at Hanoi Walking Street

Many attractive events

There are many attractive events were held in here, for example, International Film Festival at Ly Thai To Flower Garden, Music show, Fashion show,… Each person visiting Hanoi walking street will have different feelings and experiences but with all reasons above, surely, you will “head over heels in love” with Hanoi and this walking street.

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