5 famous night markets in Hanoi offering good products at cheap prices


Night markets in Hanoi not only offer a countless of goods, souvenirs with affordable costs but also are the places where you can enjoy lively street music performances. Let’s with us discover top 5 most famous Hanoi’s night markets that worth a visit.

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Old Quarter Night Market

Old Quarter Night Market (via Vntrip.vn)

Mentioning to night markets in Hanoi, perhaps the most familiar name is Old Quarter Night Market. Located in the Old Quarter, one of the must-visit destinations of Hanoi, the market is opened from 18:00 – 23:00 on Friday, Saturday and Sunday every week. Along with walking streets on the weekends, tourists coming here will have the chance to admire the beauty of Hanoi’s 36 streets as well as immerse in the busy, crowded atmosphere of the market. The market runs from Hang Dao Street to Dong Xuan Market, selling a variety of items: clothes, accessories, handicrafts, etc. 

Walking around the market, you can also taste delicious street foods in Hanoi with surprising cheap prices. It can be said that Old Quarter Night Market is one of the most favorite markets of both locals and travelers.

Nha Xanh Night Market

Nha Xanh Night Market is considered a shopping paradise for students (via Rongbay.com)

Situated in Phan Van Truong Street, Dich Vong Ward, Cau Giay District, Nha Xanh Night Market is considered a shopping paradise for students. Surrounded by many large universities such as Vietnam National University, Academy of Journalism and Communication University, University of Commerce, the market opens from morning until late night, meeting the shopping needs of students and locals.

Products sold at the market are also very varied but mostly clothes, shoes, and accessories. Because it mainly serves students, all of the items are designed to be fashionable and very cheap. Remember to bargain to get the cheapest price. Moreover, street food vendors are also the reason attracting many visitors. You can easily find delicious dishes like sweet soups, ice cream, pancakes,… right at the market.

Dich Vong Night Market

Dich Vong Market is also a popular low-cost shopping destination of Hanoi people (via WordPress.com)

Close to Nha Xanh Night Market, Dich Vong Market is also a popular low-cost shopping destination of Hanoi people. During the day, the market sells fresh foods and at night, clothes, shoes, bags,… are sold at very cheap prices. Dich Vong Night Market has a large area; bright lights shine a whole neighborhood. Most of the products are imported from China with many different designs. Be free to bargain and buy your favorite items.

Linh Nam Night Market

This famous night market in Hoang Mai District, opened from 8 pm to 1 am the following day, is the gathering place for lot of merchants. Linh Nam Market mainly offers low-cost items, serving the customers with low income. The price of clothes and other fashion items only ranges from 50,000 to 300,000 VND. You can visit the night market to buy your favorite products at the cheapest cost.

Phung Khoang Night Market

Phung Khoang Night Market is especially crowded and bustling at the weekend (via DulichToday)

Like Nha Xanh Night Market, Phung Khoang Market is also located near to many famous universities such as Hanoi University, University of Social Sciences and Humanities,… so the customers of the market are mainly students. In the daytime, the market also sells foods and drinks; at night, the fashion items are sold, creating a very busy and bustling atmosphere. Especially on the weekends, the merchants will offer you a plenty of goods with beautiful design so if you want to buy, unique and new products, let’s visit this market at the weekend.

This a list of 5 most well-known low-cost night markets in Hanoi that you should not miss out. If you concern more about Hanoi’s destinations and travel guides, please visit our website. Like and share if this post is useful for you. Have a nice trip!