5 pristine beaches to escape from bustling city at weekend

5 pristine beaches to escape from bustling city at weekend
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Summer is coming; it is the good time to go the beaches to avoid the heat in the summer. Besides some familiar and crowded beaches like Cat Ba, Halong or Sam Son, here are the top 5 pristine beaches to enjoy the weekend which can be quite strange with many visitors. Let’s find out with us!

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Tra Co Beach, Mong Cai, Quang Ninh

Tra Co beach is one of the most romantic beaches in Vietnam. The beach is wide and flat with smooth white sand and brilliant blue water in all four seasons. The weather in Tra Co is cool while natural landscape still keeps its own pristine beauty. Con Mang is located about 6 km from Tra Co is a romantic place that very suitable for couples or visitors who want to watch the sunset or sunrise.

Tra Co Beach (via Du Lịch Apro)

Departure from Hanoi, you have to pass through over 300 km of the road to reach this beach. However, the road leading to Tra Co is beautiful and very easy to go. It takes about 6 -7 hours to go by coach and 6 hours by private car.

Coming here, you can also buy fresh seafood right on the beach when the local fishermen have just returned from their fishing trip. In addition to swimming and eating seafood at Tra Co Beach, you also should spend time visiting Mong Cai and some local markets in here which offers you many cheap household items.

Cape Sa Vi is also the must-visit destination which is the first place national point in the north eastern. Standing at the cape Sa Vi, you can admire the panoramic view of 17km length of Tra Co Beach. This is the favorite checkpoint of many people.

Hai Tien Beach, Thanh Hoa

Hai Tien Beach in Thanh Hoa (via Viet Ant Travel)

In recent years, Hai Tien Beach is a favorite destination of many families when they want to have a short holiday on the beach but not too crowded. Hai Tien Sea is located 160 km from the south of Hanoi and 20 km from the northeast of Thanh Hoa. Because it has just developed in tourism so the beach is still pristine and quite deserted.

However, you don’t need to worry about accommodation because Hai Tien Beach offers you a full range of services from hotels, resorts to motel, of which the most prominent has to be mentioned is Eureka Linh Truong. The new and peaceful beach resort will be a great suggestion to stay for you.

Cai Chien Island

Cai Chien Island (via Cổng thông tin điện tử tỉnh Quảng Ninh)

Quang Ninh owns many beautiful islands, attracting a lot of tourists coming here every year. The most famous can be referred are Co To or Quan Lan but in the summer, they always are crowded. If you want to look for a pristine island, Cai Chien is one of the good ideals.

About 330 km from Hanoi, Cai Chien has not “excellent beauty” like Co To but it still remains its wild beauty. The beach with 2 km long, fine white sand, clear water can attract any visitors coming to this island.

Cai Chien has three beaches: Van Ca Beach, Cai Chien and Dau Rong Beach, in which Cai Chien Beach and Dong Rong Beach are the most popular destinations as well as the favorite check-in places of many travelers.

Hon Dau Island, Hai Phong

Hon Dau Island, Hai Phong (via Hai Phong Tourism)

Hon Dau island is situated about 20 km from Hai Phong city center. Hon Dau is blessed with natural and peaceful beauty. It takes 20 minutes to reach the island by boat from Nghieng wharf.

If you want to look for a quiet place, Hon Dau is the best choice for you. The island mostly covered by primary forest, along with stunning beach, creating the majestic scenery to visit.

Dong Chau Beach, Thai Binh

Dong Chau beach is located in Tien Hai district, 35 km from Thai Binh city. Come to Dong Chau beach resort, you will be enjoyed the fresh air and the beauty of windswept beach. The interesting thing is that from Dong Chau beach, you can take a boat or motorboat to visit Con Thu, Con Vanh, just 7km from the mainland.

Featuring the very peaceful beauty, but there are not many activities for families, so this place will be more suitable for those who want to travel in the desert and eat seafood.

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