8 well-known flower villages in Hanoi tourists should take a visit

8 well-known flower villages in Hanoi tourists should take a visit
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Lunar New Year is coming and this is also the time that flower villages attract a large number of visitors coming every day to see, buy and take photos with flowers. Most of the flower villages are located around Hanoi center, so you can easily welcome spring by a visit to these flower villages on a sunny day.

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Tay Tuu Flower Village

About 15km from Hanoi, on weekends, Tay Tuu flower village is often crowded with people coming to visit. Two sides of the road leading to the village are the beautiful flower fields. Known as one of the oldest flower villages in Hanoi, Tay Tuu plants many kinds of flower, the most popular are lilies, roses, daisy,… The flowers are mainly sold at the local market or Quang Ba Flower Market.

Tay Tuu flower village

Tay Tuu flower village

Nhat Tan Flower Village

Peach blossom of Nhat Tan Village has a unique beauty and becomes an indispensable flower on Tet in Hanoi. Only 7km from northwest of Hanoi, the village is also an ideal place to take nice pictures of young people. Besides peach blossoms, many flowers are also planted in the village such as daisy, violet, sunflower,… so you can feel free to visit and take photos.

Me Linh Flower Village

About 30km from the city, near Noi Bai international airport, Me Linh Flower Village has established for more than 10 years. Flowers are mainly planted in the communes of Trang Viet, Van Khe, Me Linh, Tien Phong and Thanh Lam with all kinds such as roses, Dahlia flowers, French roses, Dutch roses, Chinese roses, etc.  On the night of frost weather, Me Linh flower gardens are extremely beautiful in the hundreds light of the bulbs lighted throughout the field, creating a stunning scenery. These bulbs help to warm the rosebuds and these flowers will be sold right on Tet.

Ngoc Ha Flower Village

Flower village in Hanoi

Flower village in Hanoi

Referring to the famous flower villages in Hanoi, it would be a big mistake without mentioning Ngoc Ha village. Unlike Nghi Tam, Quang Ba or Nhat Tan Village which is famous for planting peach blossoms, Ngoc Ha Village grows many otyher flowers like roses, chrysanthemums, violets, carnation,…

Nghi Tam Flower Village

Nghi Tam has been a flower village since the establishment of the capital. The village has developed continuously, and has always been considered as one of the largest flower villages, supplying a large amount of fresh flowers for the city and its vicinity.

Phu Thuong Flower Village

Located about 4km west of Hanoi capital, Phu Thuong is famous for planting peach blossoms. Like Nhat Tan Village, the area for planting flower is narrowed due to urbanization but it is still an indispensable part of local families. In recent years, Phu Thuong has become an attractive place to visit and buy peach flowers of many Hanoians and travelers.

Lien Mac Flower Village

Flower village in Hanoi

Flower village in Hanoi

Passing 12 km from Hanoi center towards Thang Long Bridge, along the Red River, we will reach Lien Mac Village. From an agricultural village where local people live mainly basing on agriculture, growing flowers now has been developed. Since Lien Mac is located close to Tay Tuu flower village, Tay Tuu people rent farmers’ fields of Lien Mac to grow flowers. Therefore, it is also a flower supply which is no less than Tay Tuu, apart from that, Lien Mac villagers also plant many grapefruits.

Kim Chung Flower Village

Situated in the north of Red River, Kim Chung is newly known as a flower village since 2-3 years ago. Besides peony is the main flower planted in here, the village also grows blueberry, peach tree and bonsai to supply to the market during Tet festival. To visit the village from the city center, you can go through the Chuong Duong bridge, over Đuong bridge, straight on highway no.3 or you can take bus no.15 and 17 to Đong Anh district, then from the bus stop, you can take “xe om” to the village.

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