Ancient villages you should visit in Hanoi


The quite, peaceful and ancient scenery maybe is the first impression of tourists when arriving Hanoi’s ancient villages.

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Duong Lam ancient village

Located in Son Tay town, about 50km from Hanoi, Duong Lam is one of ancient village in Hanoi where is famous for many old red tile roofs. Some old houses in the village were builts for more than 300 years. Duong Lam village attracts many tourists because of the brick roads, unique laterite walls, and majestic temples. The village also is known as a “King land” with two temples worshiping Phung Hung and Ngo Quyen King. Coming here, visitors also have chance to visit Son Tay citadel, just about 3km away from the Duong Lam village.

Duong Lam ancient village

Time to visit: Tourists can go to Duong Lam at all times of the year, but if you come here in harvest season (about May or September), you can enjoy and check-in at roads with full of rice straw.

How to get there:

  • Bus: Bus 71 (My Dinh station – Son Tay station), bus 70 (Kim Ma station – Son Tay station), or bus 77 (Ha Dong station – Son Tay station). When arriving Son Tay station, you can get xe om (motobike taxi) or taxi.
  • Private vehicles: From Hanoi, it is quite easy to get Duong Lam village by motobike or car. There are to paths you can choose: Thang Long highway and road number 32.

Cu Da village

Cu Da Village

Cu Da ancient village is an ideal attraction for those who love to explore about architecture or want to learn more about Vietnam’s history, traditional craft villages or simply just find the inner peace.

Visiting Cu Da, travellers can see not only many old houses consisting of three-compartments and five-compartments but also two-storey French-style houses which were built 100 years ago. The village still preserves old trees, communal houses, pagodas, etc that bring nostalgic feeling for tourists.

Address: Cu Da village is located in Cu Khe commune, Thanh Oai district, far from the center of Hanoi 20km in the direction of west.

Uoc Le ancient village

Uoc Le ancient village

Located in Tan Uoc commune, Thanh Oai, Hanoi, Uoc Le ancient village has long known for traditional pork pies. The village brings typical architecture of Vietnam’s ancient village; the houses, communal houses still remain intact architecturally since hundreds of years ago. Contrary to the modern, buslting and noise of the capital city, Uoc Le is natural, peaceful in the afternoon sunshine.

Coming Uoc Le, you have the opportunity to learn about the village’s traditional craft: making pork pies. It is not just a good dish, it also contains unique cutural characteristics which are associated with village’s history.

Dong Ngac ancient village

Dong Ngac Village

Dong Ngac or Ve / Ke Ve village is located on the bank of Red river, near Thang Long bridge. Bringing the ancient beauty with red sliced brick road, many tourists will surprise when encounting the traditional beauty of Vietnam’s countryside at the village only 10km far from city center.

If you have a chance to visit Dong Ngac, do not miss to visit the church of Phan, Pham, Hoang, Do, Nguyen family and look at many valuable relics which are preserved carefully from generartion to generation.

Cuu village – 500-year-old village of Hanoi

Situated in Van Tu commune, Phu Xuyen district, visitors will be impressed by many villas with perfect combination of ancient Vietnamese and French architecture. This is an unique feature of the village that can not be found at anywhere.

Cuu Village

Going to the village, tourists will realize that each little lane brings an unique architecture. The road is covered by smooth stone, alleys in the village are quite small but cool enough to dispel the hot summer days.

What makes Cuu’villagers most proud is a village’s gate with 500-year history. The gate was built with old pagoda architecture, having a couple of unicorn and dog to hold the gate. It is a harmony combination of modern and classic style that attracts tourists right from the first sight. If you want to visit Vietnamese village and learn about architecture, Cuu village will be the ideal stopover for you.

Hanoi is one of the most attractive destination in Vietnam not only because of a longstanding culture, natural beauty but also cuisine. If you are planning to visit Hanoi, we hope our website can provide a lot of useful information for you. If you have any question, suggestion or comment, feel free to contact with us. We will try the best to reply you as soon as possible. You can like or share if you like it!