Best places to enjoy Mid-Autumn Festival in Hanoi

Best places to enjoy Mid-Autumn Festival in Hanoi
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Mid-autumn is an ideal time to go out with friends and family. If you are wondering where to go to enjoy the festival, these locations may be the great suggestions.

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Hang Ma Street – the best place to enjoy Mid-Autumn in Hanoi

Referring to Mid-autumn, most people immediately think of the Hang Ma Street. The street is one of the famous 36 streets of Hanoi Old Quarter. On this occasion, the street is extremely sparkling and eye-catching with colorful lanterns and toys sold on two sides of the road. Walking on the street at night, you will be immersed in the lively atmosphere of the festival, bought small and lovely items or took the beautiful pictures. You also can take part in many exciting activities such as lion dance, lantern parade or folk games, etc.

Hang Ma Street is the best place to enjoy Mid-autumn in Hanoi (via Blog Traveloka)

Ho Tay Water Park

Ho Tay Water Park is one of the top best addresses to enjoy the Mid-autumn with family, especially families with kids. Besides offering many games that help children to be active and creative, in this festival, the park also organizes the exciting entertainment programs like magic shows, traditional games,…

Time City

Located on Minh Khai Street, the commercial center Time City is famous for its spacious space, a variety of entertainment services for relaxation. On the Mid-autumn festival each year, there are many interesting programs organized to attract visitors. In this year, the center also promises to have a lot of attractive shows serving the entertainment needs of residents.

Time City (via

Vietnam Museum of Ethnology

If the commercial centers offer visitors beautiful scenes to check-in and modern entertainment services, the Museum of Ethnology often held many traditional programs to help children understand more about this traditional festival of Vietnam.

Come here, children as well as family’s members will be involved in the interesting folk games such as pulling lights or arrange the five-fruit tray. This is really a great place for those who want their children to both play and learn.

Thang Long Imperial Citadel

Known as an ancient architectural complex, Thang Long Imperial Citadel is also a not bad destination to enjoy the Mid-autumn festival in Hanoi. Visitors have chance to watch puppet water shows, lion dance or participate in traditional games such as mandarin square capturing, cat & mouse game or tug of war, etc. In addition, the exciting programs like guiding to make moon cakes or traditional toys are also held in here.

Enjoy Mid-autumn at Thang Long Imperial Citadel (via Thời Báo Việt Làng Nghề)

Hoan Kiem Lake

On the holidays like Mid-autumn festival, the lake is very crowded with visitors and very sparkling, too. Maybe not needing any games or activities, Hoan Kiem Lake also brings a very happy and bustling atmosphere for tourists.

Royal City

It will be a big mistake if referring to the best destination to enjoy the Mid-autumn in Hanoi without mentioning Royal City. Like other large commercial centers in Hanoi, on this occasion, it was decorated extremely beautiful and sparkling. The lobby is full of flowers, lanterns and models depicting the Vietnamese tales, combined with the fountain in the center that makes the space more fanciful. This is definitely a great place to have a happy holiday with your children and family.

Royal City (via Blog Traveloka)

Semicircle lake at Gamuda City, Yen So

On each Mid-autumn occasion, thousands of flower garlands and coloured lanterns are drop into the lake making a sparkling space that attracts many visitors. The area around the lake is also very spacious so that children can play folk games, dance and celebrate the moon by eating traditional Mid-autumn specialties. This is one of the attractive places to go to the festival in Hanoi but not too crowded.

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