Best places to explore Hanoi at night (Part 1)

Best places to explore Hanoi at night (Part 1)
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Hanoi with ancient and romantic beauty not only attracts tourists during the day but also offers a lot of exciting things to explore at night. If you are traveling this city but do not know where to go, what to do at night, let’s look at our suggestions below.

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Night market at Hanoi Old Quarter

Hanoi Old Quarter, where ancient culture preserved, is also an ideal site to discover Hanoi at night. With the typical architecture in the late 19th century, this old town is famous for the ancient houses, alleyways intertwined and 36 streets that creating the excitement, curiosity for tourists.

The night market at Old Quarter is usually opened on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. The market takes place from Hang Dao, Hang Ngang, Hang Duong, Hang Khoai Street to Hang Giay. It is always bustling with many vendors selling clothes, Vietnamese handicrafts,…

Night market at Hanoi Old Quarter (via Vietnam Travel Guide)

Ta Hien Beer Street

Hanoi Old Quarter and Ta Hien Street are two places tourists must go if want to feel all the beauty of Hanoi at night. In the hot weather of Hanoi’s summer, maybe there is nothing more wonderful than enjoying cool beer at Ta Hien Street while chatting with friends. In the evening, the street becomes an popular destination to gather friends of local and tourists with specialty – fresh beer.

Dong Xuan Night Market

Dong Xuan is the most famous and busiest market located in Hanoi Old Quarter. It is opened every evening and becomes the popular place for shopping and entertainment of Hanoians and travelers who have the opportunity to visit “the land of thousand years of civilization”. There is a shopping paradise welcoming you in here, from fashion items such as clothes, shoes, accessories to beautiful souvenirs. You can also taste and buy many specialties of Hanoi like noodles, mixed sweet soup, salted dry apricot, etc.

Dong Xuan Night Market (via Vietnam tourist spots)

Saint Joseph Cathedral of Hanoi

There are many churches were built during the French colonial period in the late 19th century, the largest and most famous of which must be mentioned is Saint Joseph Cathedral. Impressive architecture, spacious and fresh space make the church become one of the most attractive destinations of Hanoi. Gathering friends and enjoying a cup of coffee or lemon tea while admiring the beauty of streets is the popular activity of tourists when visiting here.

Long Bien Bridge

Long Bien Bridge (via Asia Travel)

Long Bien Bridge is the symbol of longevity, beauty as well as the heroic history of the city. With the ancient beauty and impressive architecture, the bridge is the favorite place of many young people who love photography. There are also many attractive places near the Long Bien Bridge you can take a visit such as Bai Da Song Hong, Nhat Tan Flower Garden,… After the busy day, let’s come here, especially at the sunset, to feel a quiet and totally different Hanoi.

Hoan Kiem Lake

Referring to best places to enjoy Hanoi at night, there will be a big mistake if skip Hoan Kiem Lake. When the night falls, the lake becomes more shimmering and brilliant with colorful lights. The lake is not only attracts tourists by beautiful scenery but also by delicious street foods, street vendors. You can go to Trang Tien ice cream shop nearby to enjoy the tasty and well-known ice cream of Hanoi or walk through the streets to savor delicious street foods.

Hoan Kiem Lake at night (via drifterManifesto - DeviantArt)

West Lake

West Lake is also an exciting entertainment place you must visit in Hanoi. With the large area, spacious space, this is an ideal place offering many tourism services such as swan boat driving, canoes, floating restaurants.

Korean Wharf is also an attractive destination of many people, especially couples with romantic scenery. It is a beautiful road, you can both enjoy stunning view, take a walk with your lover, and play kites,… The Westlake is very cool in the summer, along with the fragrance of lotus flowers creating a very fresh and comfortable atmosphere.

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