Best places to explore Hanoi at night (Part 2)

Best places to explore Hanoi at night (Part 2)
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Being the vibrant capital of Vietnam, Hanoi certainly offers visitors a lot of interesting things to explore especially at night. This city is not only famous as a land of thousand years of civilization but also features many beautiful sights, delicious specialties. Here are the next popular destinations we would like to introduce to you if you want to experience a different Hanoi at night.

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Royal City

Vincom Royal City (via Vietnam Travel Magazine)

Royal City is the largest underground commercial and amusement center in Hanoi. The impressive European-style architecture, especially the gate creates a dazzling and extremely modern scene. Coming to Royal city, you not only will be enjoyed a modern life with full of facilities, green and safe space but also can shopping with famous brands in the world and take part in many interesting games such as ice skating, water park, cinema,… Royal City is also the place where some big events took place and the popular entertainment site of many families in the weekend.

My Dinh Stadium

Unlike other modern venues in the city center, My Dinh Stadium attracts many people coming here at night because of the space in front of the stadium where people can fly kites. The kites with many funny shapes like superman, octopus,… bring a very peaceful and interesting scene. Coming here, you will be returned to childhood with colorful kites and feel the comfortable atmosphere in the busy Hanoi.

Vinpearl Aquarium Times City

Vinpearl Aquarium Times City (via Vinhomes Times City)

Besides entertainment and shopping areas, Times City also attracts tourists by the largest and most modern aquarium in Vietnam. Vinpearl Aquarium Times City has an area of nearly 4,000 square meters with thousands of species including more than 30,000 fish species and species showcased in Vietnam for the first time such as penguins, spider-crabs, otters and seacows,... It is also the first aquarium with an underground tunnel in Hanoi with length throughout the journey nearly 300m.

Lenin Statue

The area surrounding Lenin statue is a popular choice of many teenagers in Hanoi. Coming here in the evenings, you can try or watch young people playing rollerblades, dance, offline meetings, fanclubs,… or just simple take a walk with pets,… This area is specially crowded in the hot days.

Nhat Tan Bridge

Nhat Tan Bridge at night (via Newsroom - Philips)

Newly completed and put into operation in 2015, Nhat Tan is a bridge connecting Noi Bai International Airport and the center of Hanoi. It not only makes the transportation becoming easier but also is an attractive place to enjoy beautiful view of Hanoi nightlife of many people. If you want to go to Nhat Tan Bridge to take a walk, take pictures or see the Red River at night, you have to park your vehicles at the foot of the bridge and then walk to the bridge because the means of transport are not allowed to stop on the bridge.

Quang Ba Flower Market

Located on the Nghi Tam Road in Tay Ho District, Quang Ba Flower Market is opened from 0:00am to early morning. Unlike the quiet atmosphere in other places, from the midnight, the market is bustle and crowded with people coming to sell and buy flowers. At Quang Ba Flower Market, you will see countless kinds of flowers from roses, orchids, dahlia to tulips, tuberoses,…

Hang Buom Food Street

Hang Buom Food Street (via Ha Noi Moi)

Hang Buom is an excellent suggestion for you to go if you want to taste delicious street food in Hanoi. The street is quite crowded at night with a lot of vendors selling Vietnamese dishes such as boiled snails, sweet soups,… The street food is often opened quite late, around 19:30 at Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and closed at midnight so you should visit Hang Buom Stret at the weekends to enjoy all the specialties which the street offers.

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