Cua Bac Church

Cua Bac Church

Cua Bac Church

Cua Bac Cathedral (56 Phan Dinh Phung Street – Ba Dinh – Hanoi), after 19 months of restoration work done outside and inside under the direct guidance of father Joseph Nguyen Van Lien administrator, was inaugurated on November 4, 2014 with the dedication of the cathedral church by Archbishop Pierre Nguyen Van Nhon presided. On this occasion, the parish Cua Bac please briefly introduce the history and some pictures of the church was completed.

Cua Bac church was built from 1925 -1930, under Pierre Marie Mgr Gendreau (East) to govern the Diocese, Father Joseph-Antoine Depaulis (vetiver) take care of the parish. The church is located on parcels of land stretching along the Phan Dinh Phung Street and Nguyen Table street corner, next to the north gate of Thang Long so folk also known as Cua Bac church.

French architect Ernest Hébrard, has created a space asymmetric architecture with a bell tower soaring main lobby side. This makes Cua Bac church have special characteristics as compared with the majority of Christian works in the form of sign of seriousness which the French often have built in Vietnam. Hanoi tourist

Some have said that this is the special creation of Hébrard to create conformity with regional landscape, but in fact this is just the skillfully exploited combinatorial principles Renaissance church. That’s why Cua Bac church, outside the steeple as a landmark, has a dome in the center area.

Roof systems are pulled through from steeple to a dome over the main and auxiliary space that shows a familiar landscape had been caught somewhere in the house, a traditional temple in the village Vietnam.

Nearly a century has passed, and despite a few times but far remodeling Cua Bac church still retains its ancient features, pristine.