Dong Ngac - ancient village in Hanoi

Dong Ngac - ancient village in Hanoi
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Located about 10km from downtown Hanoi, Dong Ngac ancient village is an ideal place for visitors who want to escape from the city's noise and learn more about lifestyle of Old Hanoi.

>>Tay Thien Pagoda


Dong Ngac Village in North Tu Liem District (formerly known as Ke Ve) is famous for its communal house, many old houses and ancestral worshipping houses hundreds of years old. Stepping through the village’s mossy gate and walking on a brick-paved road, visitors will walk into a completely different space, which is quiet, peaceful and quaint.

Dong Ngac ancient village Dong Ngac ancient village


The first and must-see destination is its large-scale communal house which was built in 1653 to worship three genies, including Thien Than or Doc Cuoc, Dia Than (the village tutelary god) and Nhan Than (a famous general). The communal house is a solemn place where the village’s most important events take place.

Following the paved path and the smoke from kitchens, anyone who walks on the narrow lanes around the village, called “Dong”, “Ngac”, “Ke” and “Ve”, in the village are surprised that so near the capital there is such a quiet and peaceful space.

Dong Ngac ancient village Dong Ngac ancient village

Like many other villages in Vietnam, Dong Ngac is moving forward with the pace of development but it has still preserved its architectural works, ancient houses 100 years old in the architectural style of the northern delta in Viet Nam or the French style, Tu Khanh Pagoda built in the 18th -19th century and dozens of ancestral worshipping houses of the Do, Pham, Phan, Nguyen and Hoang families.

Time has touched the ancestral house, but its cultural value remains, thereby it has been selected as the place for shooting scenes of daily life of people in the past by many film directors.