Explore the Old Quarter in Hanoi


Hanoi Old Quarter is the ideal destination for all visitors. The small town, with narrow line as shuttle vehicles take but still very “seductive” travelers.

In Old Quarter,  you can find the goldsmiths and silversmiths of Hanoi’s oldest traces though many craft now disappeared. Today traditional ironwork needs no more, replaced by small shops selling all kinds of colorful paper, bamboo bowls, pictures of the Vietnam War and lacquer.

There are also stores specializing in copying paintings with mature skills that visitors can find any famous artwork yet, from Picasso, Warhol to a variety of different versions of the Mona Lisa. The stores do not have much space, just as the little old town, creating a narrow specificity nowhere get to Hanoi.

Old Quarter, the heart of Hanoi, always bustling, crowded and full of life with houses interspersed picturesque little cafés that visitors to discover themselves alone forever. As one of the oldest areas of Vietnam, Hanoi still constantly evolving throughout the last 1,000 years.

In the projector to move the capital, King Ly Thai To, Hanoi kings chose it as the capital of Vietnam, wrote: “This land is broad and flat, there will be a new point and the commercial center of the country” . Although no longer “new” as King Ly Thai To identify but Hanoi has become the largest trade zone, with the busy trading activities, providing strong growth and rich residential city . But to understand the richness that, probably need to go deep to explore.

It’s hard to describe the changes taking place if not go deep into the interior of the store on a bustling street and start exploring. The facade of the shops in Old Quarter are very narrow by sellers taxed according to the width of the shop. A financial solution “unique” is given, it is the narrow building stretching horizontally but vertically.

Along with that is the narrow alley leading into residential areas located away from the street. Small walkway that your shoulders can touch the walls on either side. That may be the home of the poor households, almost derelict, but can also be the house a surprisingly rich. It all takes visitors to a world of narrow houses, often only a single room and under the laundry place was very small common courtyard.

Many families live in the Old Quarter around the courtyard, in the tiny room, but this place will make many people amazed by the high real estate prices excessively. Land prices here approximately to Tokyo or New York.

Why the Old Quarter here so crowded? The answer lies in the inheritance. Over many generations, the property was handed down, each time they split up to more people. Part inherit each person getting increasingly less, but no one wanted to give his inheritance to go elsewhere. Therefore, a growing population and increasingly cramped space more

Your chance to explore the world behind the shops is very small if you do not “speak”. But the traders with love for assets and their culture will take you to the world that you yourself never found.



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