Fascinating experiences you should have while visiting West Lake

Fascinating experiences you should have while visiting West Lake
UPDATED: 26 Sep 2017 60 Views

If you do not know where to go to relax your mind at the weekend in Hanoi, West Lake is not a bad ideal. From entertainment activities, shopping, the West Lake offers a lot of fascinating experiences for you to enjoy after a hard-working week. Here are some interesting things to do you can try while visiting this area.

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Have fun at Ho Tay Water Park

West Lake offers many recreational activities that attract a lot of visitors every weekend. The first and most famous destination have to be mentioned here is Ho Tay Water Park. The peak season is in the summer, often from May to July. The number of tourists will descend from August onwards but it still is an attractive site to have fun. In the hot days, you can immerse yourself in the cool water or try many adventure games such as high-speed train, dropping down from height, tube sliding, etc.

Swan boat driving on West Lake (via Báo Tài nguyên Môi trường)

One of the interesting activities you should try once in here is swan boat driving. Compared with the other amusement parks in Hanoi, West Lake may be the best place because of a very beautiful and spacious space. If you go with lover and want to be more romantic, you can rent the boat at the intersection of Thuy Khe and Thanh Nien Street to ride around the lake. There are also many coffee shops near the lake that are favorite dating places of young people. The sidewalk coffee shops are often located near the Water Park and for those who prefer to be more luxurious can visit coffee shops situated along the lake side which is parallel to Thuy Khue Street.

Go shopping

Shopping (via Hanoikids)

Shopping is an exciting and indispensable thing to do when visiting a destination. One of the most popular shopping activities in here is buying the pretty souvenirs. The main roads along the lake near the Red River dyke such as To Ngoc Van, Xuan Dieu, Yen Phu are the home to many shops selling souvenirs which mainly serve tourists. The weekend market takes place every Saturday morning on To Ngoc Van Street is a favorite destination to visit of many young people and travelers in Hanoi. The stalls at this market are quite varied selling a lot of things from foods, beverages, to books, cosmetics, clothes and handicrafts.

Taste specialties

Shrimp Cake (via Du Lịch Đại Bàng)

Tasting the delicious food is a must-try activity in the West Lake. The food and drink in this area is also very varied. The most famous dishes you can try are ice cream and shrimp cake. The destinations are always crowded especially in peak hours. There are also many luxurious restaurants serving both Western and Asian cuisine such as Sen Ho Tay, Thang Lơi, Sumvilla, etc.

Go sightseeing

Surrounding West Lake, there are many ancient temples and pagodas to visit. This is also considered a famous heritage road of Hanoi. There are more than 20 historical sites around the lake that you can stop and go sightseeing: Tran Quoc Pagoda, Vong Thi Pagoda, Kim Lien Pagoda, Tao Sach Pagoda, Ba Danh Pagoda, Quan Thanh Temple, Tay Ho Palace,…

Get around West Lake by tram

Get around West Lake by tram (via Sống Mới)

Although the tram system taking visitors around the lake was recently put into operation, it has become a favorite mean of transportation of both domestic and foreign travelers. You will definitely have unforgettable experiences in the itinerary exploring the largest lake in the Vietnam’s capital.

Visiting and experiencing the interesting activities in the West Lake will surely bring you an enjoyable weekend holiday in Hanoi. So why don’t you spend some free time with your friends or family going here to discover and understand more about the historical values of this place for Hanoi capital city.

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