Ideal places for watching lotus flowers in Hanoi

Ideal places for watching lotus flowers in Hanoi
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In late May, early June, most of lotus ponds in Hanoi start to bloom. If you want to watch or take amazing photos with lotus flowers, here are the best places for you.

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West Lake

West Lake has long been famous for lotus flowers. You can find lotus flowers in many places, but nowhere has such the beautiful lotus as here. Lotus flowers in West Lake are featured with large green leaves and bright pink flowers. The best time to see or take photos with lotus is early morning or late afternoon when its fragrance spreads through the air.

Lotus Pond at Xuan Dinh

Lotus pond at Xuan Dinh is quite pristine and quiet. However, if you would like to take photos, the owners also provide many related services such as dress rental or flower boat,…

Lotus Pond at Xuan Dinh

Quan Son Lake, My Duc

Quan Son Lake at My Duc District is considered as Ha Long on the land with about 20 mountains surrounding. There are not too many lotus flowers planted in there but it is enough to create a peaceful, poetic scene for tourists come to admire the beauty of lotus pond and natural landscape.

Lotus pond at Bat Trang, Gia Lam

Bat Trang lotus pond is quite wide and quiet. Lotus flower are planted in both white and pink, looking very eye-catching.

Lotus pond at Vietnam National University of Agriculture

The beauty of lotus flowers

The University of Agriculture has 4 lotus ponds at the school campus, named: Lake of Friendship, Lake of Love, Lake of Hope and Lake of Hopelessness. In the summer, the campus is filled with beautiful white and pink flowers and a pleasant aroma spreading out.

Lotus pond of Mr. Hanh, Ninh So, Thuong Tin

If you are a lotus lover, you can go to this lotus pond in the suburbs of Hanoi to enjoy the elegance of 12 rare kinds of lotus. The lotus pond of Mr. Nguyen Van Hanh located in Ninh So Commune, Thuong Tin district is home to many famous lotus species come from Hung Yen, Bac Ninh, Hoa Binh, Hue, ...

Ninh Xa lotus pond, Ninh So, Thuong Tin

Ninh Xa Lotus Pond

Ninh Xa lotus pond is situated next to Ninh Xa communal house. Lotus flowers in here are very different from lotus in West Lake and other places. The lotus’s petals are thick, the flower has many pistils and its fragrance is slightly.

Lotus pond at Dam Long ecotourism area

Lotus pond is one of the natural ecosystems surrounding more than 20 hectares of Dam Long ecotourism area. You can fishing or row the boat with staffs to see the lotus flowers and immerse yourself in nature.

Hai Boi lotus pond, Dong Anh

Wonderful white lotus flower

Hai Boi lotus pond is located at Hai Boi commune, Dong Anh district, quite close to the center of Hanoi capital. This lotus pond is situated right on Red river’s dike where you can admire the wonderful white lotus flowers.

Lotus pond at Duong Lam ancient village, Son Tay

Lotus pond at Duong Lam ancient village, Son Tay located right next to the village’s gate that creates a typical beauty of ancient village in the North.

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