Ideal Places To Enjoy Autumn Near Hanoi

Ideal Places To Enjoy Autumn Near Hanoi
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When temperature becomes less blistering, autumnal breeze begins to blow and leaves turns yellow, autumn has come to Hanoi. Autumn is considered as the most beautiful and romantic season of Hanoi. West lake, Hoan Kiem lake, Hoang Hoa Tham street or some Hanoi ancient villages all are the ideal places to enjoy autumn in the inner city of Hanoi. For those who want escape from the noise and bustle of the city, these destinations will be great suggestion for you.
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Ham Lon mountain

Ham Lon Mountain

Ham Lon (belongs to Doc Ton range, Soc Son) is known as the “roof of the capital” and a great place for hiking, camping and relaxing activities. About 40km from Hanoi following Bac Thang Long – Noi Bai highway, on the way to Ham Lon mountain, right on the foot of mountain, you will see a road leading to Nui Bau lake.

For those who would like to trek, the 462m height of the mountain will give you an exciting experience. There are two paths for your choice. The first path is quite flat, easy to climb and it takes about 2-2,5 hours to reach the mountain top. The second is suitable for who like to adventure because they have to overcome a lot of streams, and rough roads but it surely brings you unforgettable experience.

Reaching to the top of Ham Lon mountain, you will be extremely excited because of natural beauty and pine needles carpets.

Dai Lai lake

Dai Lai is one of popular attractions of Vinh Phuc Province

Dai Lai is one of popular attractions of Vinh Phuc province. It is a man-made lake, about 50km from the North of Hanoi. With 525 ha wide and unsoiled natural beauty, Dai Lai lake brings a lot of interesting things for visitor to explore. Many tourists choose Dai Lai for their holiday in order to enjoy the comfort, immerse in nature or simply to “escape from high temperature of summer”.

Coming here, you can visit Dao Chim (Bird island) – an oasis located right in the middle of the lake. Surrounding the lake is more than 9,000 ha protective forest. From the lake, you can go to the top of Than Lan mountain to see panoramic view of Hanoi. If you have much time, let visit the village of San Diu to learn more about traditional customs and culture of this ethnic minority.

Tam Dao

Tam Dao

Located in Vinh Phuc province, about 80km from Hanoi, Tam Dao is known as “Da Lat of the North”. In Tam Dao, tourist can experience four seasons just in one day: plesant spring weather in the morning, warming of the summer in the mid-day, fairly cold of the autumn in the afternoon and cold winds of the winter in the evening. Tam Dao town is quite smll with the winding roads around hillsides. Tam Dao was discovered and built by French at the end of 19th century, therefore, many houses in here still bring typical features of French architecture with the moss and ancient walls.

Old stone church, TV tower, Thac Bac (Silver Fall), Cong Troi (Heaven Gate) are the must-see attraction in Tam Dao. Tam Dao is also famous for Su su (chayote), chayote in Tam Dao is planted in cold weather so the unique its taste can not found in anywhere else. In addition, on some special occasions, you can have chance to taste Ca Thinh (salted fish) or Tep Dau Dam Vac – two well-known specialties of Vinh Phuc province.

Thien Son Suoi Nga

Thien Son Suoi Nga

Leaving behind the bustle of the capital city, visitors can enjoy fresh air, natural beaty when coming here. Thien Son Suoi Nga is divided into 3 areas: Ha Son, Trung Son and Ngoan Son.

Ha Son is a beautiful lanscape with Tam Cap waterfall and many small streams. Trung Son is the best playground for family. The highlight of this area is 100-meters-hight Cong Troi. Walking along winding paths around the lake in the shades of green trees is a exciting experience to escaoe from the noise of the city. Ngoan Son is the last area where tourist can see a panoramic view of Ba Vi mountain.

Thung Nai – Hoa Binh

Thung Nai - Hoa Binh

About 100km from Hanoi, Thung Nai is one of ideal places to visit in the autumn. With majestic scenery, Thung Nai definitely makes tourist surprise and feel like they are losting in a magical world.

Considered as “Halong on land” so the most interesting activity in here is taking a boat around Da river. Besides majestic mountain scenery, sometimes you will encounter the small islands, like in Halong bay.

Thung Nai is a separated world from the noisy and bustling life. On the suuny days, Thung Nai will be your pefect choice to enjoy fresh air and cool water and delicious dishes such as Muong pork, fish and grilled chicken.

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