Most popular destinations to “virtual living” of Hanoi’s young hipsters

Most popular destinations to “virtual living” of Hanoi’s young hipsters
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Besides the familiar check-in places such as Old Quarter, Hoan Kiem Lake or historical monuments, in recent years, Hanoi also offers many new and interesting destinations which are the favorite sites to “virtual living” of young hipsters. Here is the list of some addresses where you can take “so deep” pictures while traveling to the Vietnam’s capital city.

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Aeon Mall Long Bien

Nice picture at Aeon Mall Long Bien (via Youvivu)

Officially opened in 2015, Aeon Mall Long Bien (located on Co Linh Street, Long Bien District) is a favorite and familiar place to visit of many young people. It is not only a large entertainment, shopping paradise, a heaven for culinary devotees but also an “amazing studio” for those who just want to take the nice pictures. As long as you have a smartphone or camera and a little bit photography skills, every corner in the Aeon Mall Long Bien from shopping malls, cafes to parking, rest areas or corridors all can become the great back-ground for a “so deep” picture.

Hei Tower helipad

Check-in at Hei Tower Helipad (via

Located on the top floor of the Hei Tower on Nguy Nhu Kon Tum Street, this helipad is a popular place to check-in of many young hipsters who want to live a virtual life on the internet. It is on the 26th floor so standing there, people can enjoy the amazing view of Thanh Xuan District, see the tallest buildings in the city such as Landmark 72, Lotte Tower, etc. The ideal time to visit the helipad is at the late afternoon when the sunset falls, the city lights up and the crowded streets below. What is more amazing than watching the most romantic scenery of the city while enjoying a very attractive cup of coffee at the nearby Trill Rooftop. It will definitely be an unforgettable experience in your life.

Park Hill – Times City

Times City (via Venusland)

Located quite far away the city center, Park Hill – Times City (Minh Khai) is the perfect place to take the OOTD pictures (Outfit of Today) of teenagers. Inspired by ecological architecture in Singapore and the aim to create “resort lifestyle in the heart of the urban”, it is beautiful place that attracts many people coming to visit. The white apartment buildings, café houses, luxury shops will be the ideal back-ground for your photos.

Royal City

Considered a “miniature city in Europe”, Royal City is the luxurious commercial center and the place where many fascinating events took place. This is also an interesting destination to visit, familiar entertainment place of Hanoians as well as a romantic outdoor wedding photography site of many couples. The beautiful photos with luxurious back-ground taken in here certainly will not make you disappoint.

Book Street

Book Street in Hanoi (via Sách Nhã Nam)

Situated next to the Hanoi people’s Court, Book Street 19-2 was decorated in brown tones, creating a comfortable and cozy space. The Book Street is not only place for book lovers reading, buying or exchanging books but also becomes the favorite check-in point of young people recently. Besides offering a quiet and fresh space to reading book, you can freely “live a virtual life” with the beautiful and unique back-ground. The stalls with glass window are decorated very eye-catching and the square at the end of the road – where events took place are also the perfect shooting sites for you.

Keangnam Landmark 72

Keangnam Landmark 72 (via

Keangnam Landmark 72 the tallest building in Vietnam with 72 floors. Coming here you will be enjoyed the exhibitions of paintings, art exhibitions, 3D paintings and a lot of other exciting things. With the luxurious design, the Landmark 72 is one of the most famous places that people want to come and check-in. You can stand at the rooftop and take nice pictures with amazing back-ground or go to observation deck to see the panoramic view of the city at the altitude of 329 meters.

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