Nguyen Du- street cafe sidewalk

Nguyen Du Street

Perhaps, Nguyen Du was the only street in Hanoi has many sidewalk cafes beauty that poetic, attracts many young of Hanoi. Called the sidewalk coffee Nguyen Du, but actually only about 3-4 sidewalk cafe is located next to each other, concentration next to the Hale lake from the three way crossroads Nguyen Du – Lien Tri to intersection of Nguyen Du-Tran Binh Trong, which is still the most popular Anh coffee and Milanocoffee.

Nguyen Du sidewalk coffee simple as the name. Not classy, not gaudy, just a few plastic chairs are based at the wall, looking the lake, a cool cup of coffee or hot, a crucial few friends or alone, a newspaper or a cigarette in hand is enough to create a very personal space of the sidewalk kiosk.

Nguyen Du Street

Especially on summer afternoon sunny as flames poured, go to sidewalk coffee Nguyen Du, enjoying a glass of iced coffee, little wind bring water from the lake up, mixed with cool shade of trees makes your soul travelers feel comfortable, pleasant. All hot, frustrating seemingly vanish.

Called pavement coffee, but Nguyen Du coffee still full of vitamins type, beverages such as coffee shops at the luxury, whether it is more popular and prices that owner is very enthusiastic. Visitors to the restaurant very busy with all the different classes, from intellectuals people and civil servants to the couple even Western “backpacker” was interesting to sit that know how is the culture of the Vietnamese sidewalk.

Do not understand why they prefer to sit the sidewalk coffee? Is it that popular prices, delicious drinks or a space by the “street” is the folk of kiosk. What’s more interesting when before your eyes is open space, dreaming of a lake, the path and the green trees, just sip coffee and just drop the soul follow the by shadow of people by here.

Sidewalk sitting, people can speak freely without fear of affecting other people, not afraid to be constrained by the cramped confines of four walls as in the cafe in the house.

And most important of all is the coffee Nguyen Du pavement gives visitors a very personal feeling about Hanoi’s four seasons. Hanoi changed much when pass each season, from the trees, streets, even to the human silhouette, but only when people sit pavement are felt most.

Summer is hot, the trees along the lake seems greener, the sky seemed to shed more clearly into the water. One more people stroll along the lake, both to get some fresh air of rare cool wind in summer, just to talk, said to forget the harsh sunlight of Hanoi.

Autumn, air around the lake is cool, sometimes chilly wind over time makes us shiver. Winter, the cold of the northeast monsoon to bring little cold water from the lake burst out again that things like battered. Trees, benches as desolation, more deserted. Passer who also rushed off quickly to avoid the cold wind blowing in from the lake. Spring, Hanoi often rains dust, everything seemed to fade from the rain.

For those who love Hanoi and Hanoi, Nguyen Du coffee made of highly intimate, familiar. Green streets, romantic, the traveler capital attracted by soaring milk flower trees every autumn coming that direction deep incense, now more attractive because of the common sidewalk cafes.hanoi tours