Romantic dating places for couples in Hanoi


Hanoi is a romantic and charming city so many couples choose this city as their destination to enjoy the happy moments together. Here are some ideal places to help you have a perfect dating in Hanoi.

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Rooftop Coffee Shops / Restaurants

Watching the panoramic view of Hanoi is one of the experiences you should try at least once in Hanoi. The first coffee shop we want to mention is Trill Rooftop Café where offers you the stunning panoramic view of the city, beautiful swimming pool area and spacious balcony. It has long been become a popular and great site to check-in and dating in Hanoi.

Top of Hanoi is also an ideal rooftop bar you can visit. With the spacious terraces, long balconies, this bar offers a spectacular panoramic view of the skyline with a modern brasserie style cuisine.

Trill Rooftop Cafe (via

Riverside restaurants and coffee

For a romantic outing, you can make a reservation at luxury European restaurants with beautiful lake views and delicious food such as Don’s A Chef’s Bistro (West Lake), Skyline Hanoi (Gia Ngu) LaBadine (Nam Ngu), Avalon (Cau Go). All are romantic restaurants that very ideal for couple to experience private moments together.

Sky Walk Observation Deck – Lotte Center Hanoi

Standing at the 65th floor of Lotte Center Hanoi, you can see the whole view of the capital city. The best time to visit Sky Walk is in the late afternoon or at the sunset to admire a sparkling city with colorful lights. Moreover, this observation deck is also features a large screen which you can write anything you want. This is really an ideal place, right?

Sky Walk Observation Deck at Lotte Center Hanoi (via City Pass Guide)

St. Joseph’s Cathedral – Big Church in Hanoi

This is the oldest church in Hanoi, featuring European Gothic architecture with the high walls, domes and windows. It is considered one of the best places to take photos for couples in Hanoi. There are also many restaurants and lovely coffee shops surrounding the church for you choose such as Runam Café, Eden or Marilyn.

Hanoi Old Quarter

The Hanoi Old Quarter with the old French-style architecture buildings is known as a heritage of the capital. Moreover, the Old Quarter is a paradise street food that you cannot ignore. Shrimp cake (Hang Bo), Ba Huyen donuts (Nha Chung) or roasted chicken (Hang Buom),… are both cheap and delicious dishes you should try. You also can visit Ly Quoc Su, taste 4P’s pizza and watch directly the skill chefs making pizzas.

Hanoi Old Quarter (via Eat. Travel. Photography – blogger)

Ta Hien Street

Ta Hien Street is a jewel of ancient architecture in Hanoi. This is also an ideal dating place for couples who want to enjoy the bustling atmosphere. Xie Ta Street has a special attraction to foreigners, especially backpackers. Coming here, you will find many delicious dishes and bustling bars or coffee shops. Ta Hien beer, grilled bird or grilled chicken leg are the must-try dishes in this street.

Hoan Kiem Lake

Referring to dating sites, it would be a mistake if don’t mention to Hoan Kiem Lake. You and your lover can hand in hand walk on the street together, eat street food and enjoy the beauty of the lake at night. So romantic! Especially, if you go there at the weekends, you also have an opportunity to participate in many exciting folk games like skipping, bamboo jacks, etc. or enjoy coffee at Dinh Café (Dinh Tien Hoang), Café Pho Co (Hang Gai) or Avalon Café Lounge.

Hoan Kiem Lake (via Best deals for Halong Bay Cruises)

West Lake – a dating paradise at the sunset

West Lake is compared as a “dating paradise” of the couples with spacious, cool space where you can take away from the crowded, bustling city. Surrounding lake are the coffee shops offering the stunning lake view. Some café shops you can go are 6 degrees café, Vélo Café, Eureka coffee and Cong Café.


If you love to watch movies, you cannot miss the popular movie theaters such as CGV, BHD, Lotte Cinema Landmark,… Besides watching movies, you also have many entertainment options such as: restaurant, coffee shop, bookstore, DVD shop or music events.

Cinemas (via City Pass Guide)

Trading Centers

The trading centers in Hanoi like Royal City, Time City, Lotte or Aeon Mall are not only the shopping or entertainment places of Hanoian but also the ideal dating sites for young couples. People often go to these centers in the weekends to shopping, walking or even taking nice photos.

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