Some useful guides for traveling Hanoi on Tet holiday


Traveling Hanoi on Tet holiday, visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy many exciting activities, savor tasty traditional food as well as learn more about the most important celebration in Vietnamese culture. If you want to discover a beautiful Hanoi in the New Year Festival, let’s refer to some our guides to get a meaningful trip in this city.

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Book air/train/coach tickets in advance

On or near the New Year’s days, the air, trains and coach are mostly fully booked. This is a problem that seems to occur to most holidays. It is necessary to book tickets a long time in advance for the period or otherwise you will have to pay a higher price than the normal day due to the policy of the transportation companies. In the worst case, you even cannot buy the ticket because on the Tet holiday, both domestic and overseas travel volume rockets. So, the first tip is that you should book air/train/coach tickets early to get the cheapest price.

You should book flight a long time in advance to get the cheapest price (via Saigoneer)

Make hotel reservation before departure

According to statistics, the number of travelers coming to Hanoi on the Lunar New Year increased 15-20% each year so in order to book the most suitable accommodation, you also have to book hotel in advance. For the convenience of traveling, the hotels located about 2 – 3km for the center of Hanoi will be the perfect choice. They not only are not too far the main attractions but also help you avoid the traffic jam and noisy in the city center.

Well-prepared for your trip

Traveling on the occasion of Tet, besides the other necessary items, tourists should bring jackets or coats because the Hanoi’s weather in the spring is quite cold. Another noteworthy thing is that you should not carry too many valuable items or money while taking a visit around Hanoi to avoid thefts and unfortunately situations can happen.

Tet in Hanoi (via Thanh Nien News)

Get around Hanoi city

A very unique mean of transportation which attracts many visitors while traveling Hanoi is cyclo. A lot of tourists, especially foreigners have chosen this vehicle for their trip. Besides cyclo, you also can get around Hanoi by bus, taxi, motorbike,…

Places to visit

On the Tet occasion, the main tourist destinations of Hanoi are often very crowded so visitors should consider carefully choosing the most suitable site. Some famous travel spots tourists can take a visit in Hanoi on the Lunar New Year are: Hanoi Old Quarter, West Lake, Hoan Kiem Lake, Nhat Tan Flower Village, Tay Tuu Flower Village, Temple of Literature, Imperial Citadel of Thang Long, Long Bien Bridge, Quang Ba Flower Market, Bat Trang Pottery Village, Thu Le Park and so on.

Nhat Tan Flower Village (via Thế giới sao)

Check out cheap dining places

Dining experience is indispensable part on every trip. The price of some restaurants, dining sites in Hanoi on the festival can be higher several times than normal days, therefore, visitors should check in advance or ask hotel staff to find the best place for dining without paying a lot of money.

Traditional foods on Tet you cannot miss

Hanoi is considered as one of the culinary paradise in Vietnam with many delicious specialties. According travel experiences of many tourists, besides the famous dishes like Pho, Cha Ca La Vong, Square Cake you also can enjoy the other delicacies such as Xoi (sticky rice), bun cha, mut (candied fruits), Gio Cha (Vietnamese sausage), Dua Hanh (Pickled onions), Thit Dong (frozen meat), nem ran (spring roll) and so on.

Traditional foods on Tet holiday (via so capricious)

Entertainment and shopping

After a day traveling through the attractions in Hanoi, tourists can visit the amusement park or commercial centers to relax or shopping. Walking around Hoan Kiem Lake and enjoying a cool ice cream, discovering the Old Quarter at night, gathering friends in bars or visiting some unique coffee shops are great suggestions for your meaningful trip on the Tet holiday.

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