“Specialties” of March in Hanoi (P1)

Drizzle, fog covering the entrance

Grapefruit flower, Dalbergia tonkinensis, Hypericum blooming in the spring weather, or the lakeside Barringtonia acutangula changing leaves in Hanoi makes visitors suddenly feel trembly.

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Hanoians count time not only by days, by months but also by the season of flowers, leaves and by the weather. March is time of changing season – when the drizzle bringing warmth of the spring to the city makes people feel vibriant. Living for a long time in Hanoi, you will feel all the beauty of this city and more understanding, why going through many bustling and changes, people going far are always toward this place.

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Drizzle, fog covering the entrance in Hanoi

March is the most “difficult” time in Hanoi, when it has high humidity and long dry cleaning clothes and the drizzle makes the air always gloomy and wet. But it is the darkness that brings its own charms, attracting visitors of the South. Getting up early in the morning, walking around Hoan Kiem Lake or West Lake, or any of a lake, any street corner in Hanoi, you will enjoy the bobbing smoky mist.

Drizzle, fog covering the entrance
Drizzle, fog covering the entrance

Traveling in these days, you will meet few difficulties because you do not know when the rain will finish. But also do not be too upset, all you need to prepare is bringing a small umbrella to arm in arm with a companion, go together and wander in all the streets.