Top 5 destinations for kids in Hanoi

Top 5 destinations for kids in Hanoi
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If you are planning to travel Hanoi with kids, it is essential to look for some destinations where both you and your children can enjoy. Here are some places you can go:

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Thu Le Park

The first place for kids has to be mentioned is Thu Le Park. Unlike other parks, it is known as a Hanoi’s zoo. In addition to bringing fresh air, children have a chance to see a lot of rare animals. The park also offers many exciting activities and games for kids like water pedal boat,… Convenient location right in the heart of the city, cheap cost, Thu Le Park is one of the best destinations for kids in Hanoi. Coming here, besides interesting games, your kids also can explore the nature, new world that they have just learned in books or TV. With spacious space, the children are able to play comfortable while parents also can take a rest after s hard-working week.

Thu Le Park

The Booksquare

The Booksquare is an amazing destination where your kids can both play and learn at the same time. Although it is a relatively new place for many people, it totally is worth to visit.

Located on Hoa Ma Street, The Booksquare not only is the normal bookstore but also the place to learning, encouraging the creativity of kids. It is divided into many different areas such as knowledge area, bookshop area, art center,… Each area has its own color and function. Many seats with funny design are placed in each reading area to inspiring the love of reading of children. Books in here are also carefully selected so that they are suitable for ages. In addition to reading book, the children also have opportunity to participate in a lot of educational activities, science classes, cooking classes,…

The Booksquare not only is the normal bookstore but also the place to learning, encouraging the creativity of kids

Royal City

Since the Royal City has put into operation, it is the choice to relax of many young people as well as family having kids in the weekend. As its name, it was built like a miniature city where you can find everything you need, from cinemas, restaurants, shops to entertainment activities. Coming here, children can not only visit , shopping but also take part in many interesting games such as water park, ice skating, bowling, etc. After playing games, you can choose one of restaurants in here and enjoy delicious foods. It is really an ideal destination for family in Hanoi.

Royal City is the choice to relax of many young people as well as family having kids in the weekend

Time City

Similar to Royal City, Time City is also a large dining, shopping and entertainment complex in Hanoi. Although the size is not as large as Royal, Time City also offers a lot of funny activities. The first has to be mentioned is Vinpearl Aquarium – the largest aquarium in Vietnam with more than 30,000 marine species. There is an area under the ground for young children to play and a spacious yard on the ground to play badminton, football, …

Puppet Theater

Water Puppet Show

Puppetry is the traditional art of Vietnam which attracts both Vietnamese and foreign visitors. Watching a water puppet show will definitely be an unforgettable memory of your kids. Puppets under the control of artisans can sing, dance, act on the water that make children feel curious and want to learn more about Vietnam’s history through the stories displayed in the show.

There are two puppet theaters you can visit in Hanoi: Thang Long Puppet Theater at 57B Dinh Tien Hoang, Hoan Kiem and Central Puppet Theater at 361 Truong Chinh, Dong Da. With low cost, the puppet theater is also the place parents can visit with their children in the weekend.

Here are the top 5 best places to spend your weekend with kids. To get more about tourism in Hanoi, you can visit our website. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to let us know. We can reply you as soon as possible. You also like or share this article if you like it!