Top 6 exotic sites in Phu Tho – a Vietnamese ancestral land near Hanoi


Escape from the noisy and bustling capital city, visiting ancient historical sites or peaceful destinations in Phu Tho province is one of the ideal ways to have a meaningful holiday. If you have not enough time to go too far, you can consider the following locations.

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Hung Kings Temple (Co Tich village, Hy Cuong commune, Lam Thao district)

Located on Nghia Linh Mountain, 175 meters in height, Hung Kings Temple is an important historical, cultural site of Phu Tho and Vietnam. The prominent temples in the Hung Temple complex you can visit are Ha Temple – where Au Co gave birth to a pouch containing 100 eggs, which later hatched to become 100 children; Trung Temple – a place to hold political meetings of Hung Kings; Thuong Temple – where the Kings used for offering to the Sun God, Earth God, Rice God and Saint Giong and is also the resting place of the Sixth Hung King. You also can visit Gieng Temple (Well Temple) where Ngoc Hoa and Tien Dung, two princesses of the 18th Hung King, combed their hair and looked at themselves in this well.

Hung Kings Temple (via Handetour)

Ao Gioi – Suoi Tien (God Pond – Fairy Stream) at Quan Khe, Ha Hoa District

From the highest mountain in this area, Na Mountain, the stream runs through the giant stone blocks, blending in with green color of the forest and blue color of the sky that make a very spectacular scenery. Some of waterfalls in here pour down from the height up to 20 meters. Each of waterfall has its own beauty and is named after interesting folk legends such as Ao Gioi, Thac May, Dong Tien, Thac Gio, Be Ngoc, Thac Chum, Thac Long Thuyen, Gieng But, etc.

Ao Chau pond (Ha Hoa district)

Ao Chau Pond (via Youvivu wiki)

Continue to go 70km from Viet Tri, you will reach the Ao Chau Pond which looks like a blue sparkling pearl, as its name. Ao Chau has water surface area of 2sqm with approximately 100 small islets covered by the rich vegetation. It is noteworthy that the average water level in this pond always is 3 meters, the deepest level is 35 meters and never run out of water. Therefore, the pond is very clean, fresh allowing many species to live in here such as Golden Turtle, tortoise, etc. Surrounding the pond, local people also grow many kinds of fruit trees like jackfruit, grapefruit, longan,… making Ao Chau more attractive.

Visiting here, tourists will have opportunity to visit the lush orchard, fishing or explore adventure activities such as mountain climbing, boating,… This is nowadays known as a potential tourist destination of Phu Tho province.

Thanh Thuy Hot Spring

Thanh Thuy Hot Spring (via Khoáng nóng thanh thủy)

Although it was only developed in recent years, the Thanh Thuy hot spring has become an attractive spot of many travelers in Phu Tho. The area is 1sqm with the depth of 35-100 meters and water temperature of 40-57 degrees C. Most of tourists and locals coming here to soak in the hot mineral water which can help heal arthritis and skin diseases.

Xuan Son National Park

At the end of Hoang Lien Son Mountain range, in the watershed of Red River is Xuan Son National Park – the only place has limestone forest in Vietnam. There are up to 726 species of flora and fauna, 48 mammal species, 121 bird species, 14 amphibian and 13 reptile species have been recorded at Xuan Son National Park. This also is home to a lot of medicinal plants such as timber plants, ornamental plants, aromatic plants, etc.

Xuan Son National Park (via Vietnam Awesome Travel)

Temple of Au Co Mother

Au Co Mother Temple is located in the area where has mountains, a large reservoir and a range of flat plains along the river. It is said that this is the place Mother Au Co flew to the sky after giving birth and nurturing 49 children. After that, local people built this temple to honor the mother’s merit and named as Temple of Au Co Mother.

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