Top 7 must-visit destinations for travelers to enjoy Hanoi nightlife (Editor’s choice)

Dong Xuan night market (

Although Hanoi nightlife is not active as Ho Chi Minh city, discovering nightlife is also an exciting experience you should not miss in the capital city.

From the places to wander, the food corners to the amusement complex, for visitors who want to enjoy Hanoi nightlife, these destinations are the best suggestions.

Dong Xuan night market

The first night spot we want to mention is Dong Xuan night market. Many tourists coming to Hanoi would like to go to Dong Xuan market to visit, take photos, taste wonderful street foods, or buy souvenirs for their family and friends. Located in the heart of Old Quarter, the night market gathers nearly 4,000 stalls selling many items from clothing, toys, souvenirs, to household items with reasonable price. It is also the best place to learn more about Hanoian’s daily life and taste the local cuisine.

Ta Hien Street


Ta Hien street is very crowded at night (

Despite the short 100-meter length, Ta Hien street is the most attractive destination at Hanoi’s Old Quarter that is always crowded. Although there is a variety of delicious food available on the street such as fried rice, hotpot, etc, the most famous dish must be Ta Hien beer. The cool beer glasses served with grilled chicken wings, grilled chicken legs, or potato chips will certainly make everyone remember forever. Ta Hien is very crowded at night so visitors should go early to get an ideal place to sit.

Hang Buom Food Street

The tasty food on Hang Buom street

Hang Buom is one of the most well-known food streets in Hanoi. Although there are only about 40 food stalls in the street, the food here is quite diverse for you choose, from traditional Vietnamese food to Asian and European dishes. Most of the stalls are small so they often sell the takeaway food which people can eat while walking. The price is affordable, only from about VND 20,000/dish. The food street opens from 7:30 p.m to midnight on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays every week, so if you want to immerse yourself in the bustling Hanoi nightlife and taste the delicious food, don’t miss the destination.

Long Bien Bridge

The dreaming beauty of Long Bien bridge

Built in the late nineteenth century and completed in the twentieth century, Long Bien bridge had witnessed many attacks ravaging Hanoi capital of the French imperialism. Until now, the bridge has been renovated many times but it still retains the ancient features as the original. On Long Bien bridge, there is a metal plate inscribed with “1899 – 1902 – Daydé & Pillé – Paris”.

Standing on Long Bien bridge at night, tourists can enjoy the amazing view of the Red river and Chuong Duong bridge with the sparkling colorful lights. It is not only an ideal place to watch the sunset and sunrise but also the best site to feel the tranquility of Hanoi at night.

West Lake

Sunset on West Lake of Hanoi (

West Lake is the largest natural lake in Hanoi with an area of 50 hectares. In the summer, West Lake is one of the most popular attractions in the capital to enjoy the fresh air. Coming here, travelers can sit, chat with friends at one of the corners around the lake or walk around and taste some specialties in here such as shrimp cake on Thanh Nien street and West Lake ice cream, etc.

Royal City

An ideal place to visit in Hanoi at night (

Royal City is considered a miniature city, a commercial center, and a large amusement center as well in the heart of the capital city. With modern European-style architecture, travelers will have a chance to enjoy a modern life full of facilities and a lot of entertaining activities. In addition to shopping, visitors can participate in many exciting games such as ice skating, water park, etc and some unique services without any entrance fee.

Hoan Kiem Lake

The attractive scene of Hanoi at night (

In the midst of the bustling and crowded Hanoi, there is still a place where tourists can enjoy a gentle, peaceful, and romantic HanoiHoan Kiem Lake. People coming to the lake can just sit on benches or walk their dogs. The lake is always busy with the local people and tourists. Because of its importance in Vietnamese people’s lives, surrounding the lake, travelers can find a lot of famous spots which can be fun and exciting for tourists to visit and experience.

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