Top 8 spots to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Hanoi

Top 8 spots to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Hanoi
UPDATED: 09 Jan 2018 106 Views

New Year Holiday is coming and are you looking for an ideal place to celebrate the New Year's Eve with your friends or family? Here are top 8 great places to enjoy the happy night in Hanoi.

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Hoan Kiem Lake

Undoubtedly, Hoan Kiem Lake is the ideal place to welcome New Year's Eve in Hanoi. Immerse yourself in the crowd with the vibrant atmosphere of countdown party, you and your friends will surely have a great and memorable New Year's Eve. Furthermore, Hoan Kiem Lake is also one of the best place to see fireworks in Hanoi;  you can both enjoy coffee and see amazing fireworks at one of many coffee shops surrounding tha lake such as The City View, Avalon Café,… However, because Hoan Kiem Lake is always crowded at that time, you should go early or book the table in advance in order to get the best location with the beautiful view.

Hoan Kiem Lake (via Kul News)

Lotte Center - Top of Ha Noi

What is more wonderful than sitting on the top of the tallest building in Hanoi and watching fireworks? If you have welcomed New Year’s Eve many times in the bustling atmosphere of the Hoan Kiem Lake, why don’t you one time try celebrate New Year at Lotte Center. Here, you will be enjoyed the premium foods and drinks served outdoor in the Brasserie space. Offering the stunning view of Hanoi from above, you can feel free check-in, take nice photos with friends and relatives.

Long Bien Bridge

Long Bien Bridge is also considered the most gorgeous place to welcome New Year in Hanoi, especially for couples. Standing on the bridge, it is the great place to see the fireworks display, take photos, video or even live stream. Street food vendors selling grilled corns, sweet potatoes, ice tea,… are also available on the bridge to meet the need of visitors. This is the difference between Long Bien Bridge and other bridges like Chuong Duong or Vinh Tuy,… which are not allowed to sell snacks on the bridge.

Long Bien Bridge (via Asia Green Travel)

Quan Su Pagoda

Welcoming a Happy New year at the pagoda is a beautiful culture feature of Hanoian. People often go to the temples to pray for a new year of prosperity, health, love, lucky,…

Quan Su Pagoda is well-known as one of the top destinations of Hanoians who have a habit of going to the temple to welcome the new year. At that time, the pagoda is very crowded with not only locals but also visitors living in surrounding areas coming to pray for lucky new year.

Tay Ho Temple

Well-known as Quan Su Pagoda in the West Lake area, welcoming New Year at Tay Ho Temple has become the culture of the Hanoi people. On New Year's Eve, a lot of people come to pray and show their worship. Besides worshipping and enjoying the landscape of the temple, just beyond the temple’s gate, there are a varied of delicious dishes to try such as bun oc, shrimp cake,… at the reasonable price.

The people especially who are doing business always choose Phu Tay Lake as their destination, because they believe that the god will bring them more luck in the new year.

Tay Ho Temple (via

Ha Temple

If the West Lake area is famous for Tay Ho Lake and Quan Su Pagoda, Ha Temple is the best choice in Cau Giay area. The temple, for a long time, is known as the best place to pray for love so couples often go to Ha Temple to welcome New Year as well as pray for their love.

My Dinh Stadium

If you loveto watch fireworks and welcome New Year's Eve in a spacious space, the ground surrounding My Dinh Stadium is an appropriate choice. Along with Hoan Kiem Lake, My Dinh Stadium attracts a large number of people coming to see fireworks. You also feel free to check-in, live stream with friends or lovers.

Watch fireworks at My Dinh Stadium (via

Roads around West Lake

The area of Thanh Nien Street, Truc Bach Street or the embankment between West Lake and Truc Bach Lake are all the ideal sites to watch fireworks you can refer to. Couples often choose the embark where offers a private and romantic space while locals people often go to Thanh Nien or Xuan Dieu Street to see fireworks and welcome New Year.

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