Vietnam Military History Museum

Vietnam Military History Museum
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Vietnam Military History Museum is an ideal place for those want to learn more about military history of Vietnam with honest and unique original artifacts.

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Located in the center of Hanoi, near V.L Lenin's statue, Military History Museum is only 600m from President Ho Chi Minh's Mausoleum to the East, and covers a 10,000 - square meter area.

Vietnam Military History Museum Vietnam Military History Museum

Not only is this museum one of the seven national museums but also it acts as the headquarter of the army museum system. The museum exhibitions present the Vietnamese military history from the first period of founding the country to the Ho Chi Minh era. One of the well - known ancient monuments on the grounds of the museum in Hanoi Flag Tower, classified as a national historic cultural monument. The construction of the Tower started in 1805 and was completed in 1812, with a height of nearly 31m and a circumstance of 180m.

Visiting the museum, tourists can see thousands of exhibits, photographs, maps, scale models of the past Vietnam war. Thanks to this, visitors will have a good general knowledge of the process of the birth, growth and victories of the Vietnamese people's armed forces for the cause of peace, independence and freedom.

Vietnam Military History Museum Vietnam Military History Museum

These days, the Vietnam Military History Museum is widely open to all visitors, many of whom are from France and the USA, to come and explore the great victory’s secrets. Up to now, it has received more than 17,000,000 visitors including more than 2,141,000 foreigners from 150 countries worldwide.

Opening Time

The Vietnam Military History Museum is open daily except Monday and Friday. Available tours to this museum can be found at any travel agency that offers Hanoi city tours or day tours in and around Hanoi. The prices for these one day tours are reasonable and the short duration (usually one day or even half a day) makes them popular among tourists who wish to have an overview of things to see and do in Hanoi.

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