List of most popular attractions in Hanoi tourist, Vietnam such as Hoan Kiem Lake, West Lake, Trang Tien plaza and Halong as well. Furthermore providing some places which have interesting festivals .

Mong festival in Lao Cai

Lunar New Year Festival 2016

According to the Industry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the Lunar New Year Festival 2016 will occur from January 20th to February 5th at...

The “hottest destinations” to take nice pictures on Tet in Hanoi

So if you still do not know where is the best photo shoot location in Hanoi on Tet, here are some suggestions for you:

The best of Hanoi you don’t know (Part 2: Streets)

Time flies, buildings grow, but streets remain there witnessing changes of every single moment. Hanoi 36 streets are typically a uniqueness of Hanoi culture...
Hanoi Restoration of Northern culture at old book fair

Hanoi: Restoration of Northern culture at “old book fair”

Teahouses on sidewalk in subsidy period, the image of “Thay do” writing calligraphy at the beginning of spring, Xam singing, “lien anh”, “lien chi”...

Best addresses to have a perfect wedding photo album in Hanoi

If you are looking for a best place to take wedding photos, this article is for you. Below are some great suggestions for you to have a perfect photo album in Hanoi.

Explore the ancient beauty of Hanoi’s Old Quarter

Hanoi’s Old Quarter is the ideal destination for all visitors with the narrow line and bustling streets, becoming an identity for the capital city...
Places to go on Tet in Hanoi

Places to go on Tet in Hanoi (P2)

>>>>Places to go on Tet in Hanoi (P1) Café with your friends on above in lakeside near Hoan Kiem lake … The central area has many...
Hanoi reconnects travel hotline

Hanoi “reconnects” travel hotline

After a period of not receiving the reflection of tourists, travel hotline of Hanoi Tourism Department has been operated again with two ports of...
craft village

The best of Hanoi you don’t know (Part 3: Craft village)

There’s a quote of Hanoian - “Bat Trang pottery, Định Công silver, Ngũ Xá bronze” which is meant to the best craft villages in...

The best of Hanoi you don’t know (Part 1: Pagoda)

It’s is pagoda that remains cultural heritage of Hanoi in particular and Vietnam in general. Each visitor of Hanoi has their own feelings towards this thousand...

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