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List of most popular attractions in Hanoi tourist, Vietnam such as Hoan Kiem Lake, West Lake, Trang Tien plaza and Halong as well. Furthermore providing some places which have interesting festivals .

5 famous night markets in Hanoi offering good products at cheap...

Night markets in Hanoi not only offer a countless of goods, souvenirs with affordable costs but also are the places where you can enjoy lively street music performances. Let’s with us discover top 5 most famous Hanoi’s night markets that worth a visit.
Vietnam Art Photo Exhibition 2016

Vietnam Art Photo Exhibition 2016

In the morning of February 22nd, 2016 at the headquarters of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Department of Fine Arts, Photography and...
Pulling wife custom of Hmong

Pulling wife custom of Hmong

Sapa is known as a highland town which is famous for the naturally breathtaking landscapes and the unique traditional customs. Today, we will become...

Attraction of the Capital thousand years old – Hanoi

Hanoi has always been international travelers considered safe destinations and attractions. Besides the thick of monuments, landscapes of the land history thousand years of...

Vietnamese traditional costume (Part 1: Ao dai & Ao tu than)

Vietnam has not merely gained well-deserved reputation for their enchanting landscapes, unique culinary art, friendly people, but Vietnam's costume also left a last impression...

“Specialties” of March in Hanoi (P1)

Grapefruit flower, Dalbergia tonkinensis, Hypericum blooming in the spring weather, or the lakeside Barringtonia acutangula changing leaves in Hanoi makes visitors suddenly feel trembly. >>The spring...
Ancient art of fish fighting in Hanoi (Part 1)

Ancient art of fish fighting in Hanoi (Part 1)

On my first visit to a fish fight, my friend took me to a xới (arena) adjacent to Ba Mau Lake. Under the blazing...

8 well-known flower villages in Hanoi tourists should take a visit

Lunar New Year is coming and this is also the time that flower villages attract a large number of visitors coming every day to see, buy and take photos with flowers. Most of the flower villages are located around Hanoi center, so you can easily welcome spring by a visit to these flower villages on a sunny day.

Hanoi as one of the 10 destinations in 2016 by TripAdvisor

On March 21st, 2016, the popular website TripAdvisor has announced the list of 10 destinations in 2016 (TripAdvisor's 2016 Travelers' Choice Destinations), including the...
Hanoi Night Market

Hanoi Night Market- The Last Impression Of Hanoi Tour

Hanoi night market, also known as Dong Xuan night market, is weekly held on weekend evenings in the Old Quarter of Ha Noi. It’s...

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