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List of most popular attractions in Hanoi tourist, Vietnam such as Hoan Kiem Lake, West Lake, Trang Tien plaza and Halong as well. Furthermore providing some places which have interesting festivals .

8 well-known flower villages in Hanoi tourists should take a visit

Lunar New Year is coming and this is also the time that flower villages attract a large number of visitors coming every day to see, buy and take photos with flowers. Most of the flower villages are located around Hanoi center, so you can easily welcome spring by a visit to these flower villages on a sunny day.
thang long

The four guardian god temples of Thang Long – Hanoi (P.1)

Thang Long's four guardian god temples have vital locations in Hanoi - the 1,000 year old capital. The four temples were built as soon...

Top 8 ideal sites for camping near Hanoi

Taking a short sightseeing tour or camping with family is ideal suggestion for you to have an enjoyable weekend. In this article, we want to introduce to you some popular campsites near Hanoi such as Ham Lon Mountain, Dong Mo, Dong Cao, etc.
Dong Xuan Market

Dong Xuan Market

Dong Xuan is the name of the largest market in Hanoi. Located in the heart of the Old Quarter, it was part of an...

Best addresses to have a perfect wedding photo album in Hanoi

If you are looking for a best place to take wedding photos, this article is for you. Below are some great suggestions for you to have a perfect photo album in Hanoi.

The reason to go to Hanoi in spring (P3)

If you are wondering whether to come in Hanoi in spring, the following 5 reasons will give you motivations. >>The reason to go to Hanoi in...
Hanoi Cathedral

Hanoi Cathedral

Hanoi Cathedral is at No.40 Nha Chung Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi. It was built on the site of the former Bao Thien Tower,...
The difference between traditional and present Tet in Hanoi

The difference between traditional and present Tet in Hanoi

In many years ago, Hanoians only chose violet or dahlia flowers to decorate the house in traditional Tet holidays. Nowadays, many new kinds of...
Great Dynasty

Vietnam imperial dynasty

After nearly 1000 year domination of China, Vietnam has been standing on its feet, step by step, to innovate the country to its current...
Grapefruit blossom in Hanoi

“Specialties” of March in Hanoi (P2)

>> “Specialties” of March in Hanoi (P1) >> Vietnam student tours Grapefruit blossom in Hanoi For busy people, they even can not remember the date, but just going through...

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