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List of most popular attractions in Hanoi tourist, Vietnam such as Hoan Kiem Lake, West Lake, Trang Tien plaza and Halong as well. Furthermore providing some places which have interesting festivals .

Soc Temple Festival

Hanoi: Strengthen management in Soc Temple Festival

Soc Temple Festival 2016 in Soc Son (Hanoi) will be held from February 13th -15th, 2016 (January 6th -8th on Lunar calendar) >>Hanoi: Festival Management...
craft village

The best of Hanoi you don’t know (Part 3: Craft village)

There’s a quote of Hanoian - “Bat Trang pottery, Định Công silver, Ngũ Xá bronze” which is meant to the best craft villages in...
Fair of arts and handicrafts

Fair of arts and handicrafts “Tet in Vietnamese house” in Hanoi

From January 15th to February 5th, Hang Da plaza Hang Da Galleria and the Management Board of Hanoi’s Old Quarter in cooperation with Gallery...

Best stopover destinations en route to Hanoi

Hanoi attracts a large number of both domestic and foreign tourists each year because of not only rich culture, delicious cuisine but also many attractive destinations.

Tips for first-time visitors in Hanoi

Hanoi is not only famous for beautiful landscapes, delicious foods but also for hospitable people and unique cultural features. That’s why there are more and more foreigners traveling Hanoi every year. If you are planning to visit Hanoi in the near future, these are some useful tips for you.
Dong Xuan Market

Dong Xuan Market

Dong Xuan is the name of the largest market in Hanoi. Located in the heart of the Old Quarter, it was part of an...
Long Bien Bridge

Long Bien Bridge – One of the most famous spots of...

If Hoan Kiem Lake with special green water and the red bridge named The Huc is the symbol of an elegant and charming ancient city; Red river and Long Bien bridge may be seen as the symbol of courageous capital in wars.

7 ideal places to spend Christmas night in Hanoi

Where can we go for Christmas in Hanoi? If you still do not know where to go for Christmas in Hanoi, here are some of the best suggestions for you.

The beautiful places for photograph in Hanoi (P4)

>>The beautiful places for photograph in Hanoi (P2) >>The beautiful places for photograph in Hanoi (P3) Thang Long Imperial citadel in Hanoi Location: Situated on Hoang Dieu...
Chuong village

Hanoi travel to Chuong village

Chuong village is one of the sites always attracting domestic and foreign visitors by both the modern and urban civilization and the traditional villages...

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