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Learn about culinary Hanoi with food and drink in hanoi, where you can learn together and learn of delicious cuisine in the capital city.

Sweet Dessert: Suong Sa Hat Luu

Suong Sa Hat Luu is kind of sweet dessert in Hanoi and Vietnam that many people love to eat.

Bun oc, bun thang or Pho cham are good choice after Tet holiday with many greasy foods and parties. >>The specialities of Hanoi >>Famous dishes...
Vietnamese Donut: Banh Ran

Banh ran is popular street food for breakfast in Hanoi and Vietnam. There are two main kinds of banh ran, namely salty cake and sweet one with the latter being much more common than the former.
Bun Dau Mam Tom

Easily find at every street corner in Hanoi, Bun Dau Mam Tom is a popular Hanoi's food which many visitors love to eat.
Xôi vò (Mung Bean Coated Sticky Rice)

>>Thit kho (Vietnamese simmered meat) >>Goi ngo sen (Lotus stem salad) About "Xôi Vò" Although it is one of the most popular ways of preparing sticky rice,...

When the North East monsoon comes, it is time for the famous street food such as fried cake (banh ran), boiled snails and floating...
Bamboo bun cha

Grilled spring clamp pieces sizzling skewer over charcoal fire, inviting fragrance. When the meat cooked to, bartender would drop immediately into the prepared sauce...
Bun thang

Pho Bat Dan, Bun Thang Ba Duc and Xoi Ca Ro Lo Duc are the attractive breakfast foods which attracts many tourists coming to Hanoi. >>Pho sot vang...
Bun Thang - Culinary Arts of Hanoi

Bun thang (“Ladder” soft noodle soup – Bún Thang) is typical dish for Culinary Arts of Hanoi. It is said that Hanoi cuisine is very picky, subtle, and it is also true with Bun Thang.
Frog porridge

A bowl of crab vermicelli with the red color of tomato, the pink color of beef and the yellow color of fried tofu or...