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Traditional meal in Tet

Traditional meal in Tet

A traditional Tet meal is not meant just for families, neighbors and guests but is also a tribute to ancestors and the departed. As such, a New Year meal incorporates both foods for sacrifice and foods for the stomach.
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5 café shops attracting young people in Hanoi (P1)

If you can not stop to go out in the cold weather, you can choose the below café shops in Hanoi for your date. >>Food...

“Banh Phu The”

Banh Phu The is normally served at Vietnamese weddings and used as a wedding invitation or taken by the man’s family to the woman’s...
Shrimp Cake of West Lake

Shrimp Cake of West Lake

Although shrimp cake (shrimp fried pancake) is available almost everywhere in the country, it is best at Nha hang Ho Tay (Ho Tay Restaurant) on the bank of Truc Bach lake.
My Van Than

Some most famous “Van Than” Noodle shops in Hanoi

Van Than noodle in Hue, Dinh Liet, Hang phen, or in Mai Hac De street with Hanoian has a lot of debate about which...
What Special to Do in Hanoi Food Tour within One Day

What Special to Do in Hanoi Food Tour within One Day?...

The cyclo will take you from Old Quarter to Chau Long – the typical local market in the Old Quarter of Hanoi. You can...
Delicious dishes in Dong Da District

Delicious dishes in Dong Da District (P3)

If you have a opportunity to go to Dong Da district with your friends, do not forget to note some special dishes in here...

“Giò” – Vietnamese cuisine

On the Tet traditional tray of food according to Vietnamese culture, with traditional dishes such as Chung cake, chicken meat, spring rolls and so...

Giang Cafe

Giang Cafe History With bland chains taking over Hanoi's café scene, ancient holes such as this one have become revered treasures. To be sure, Giang...
6 must-try dessert in Hanoi

6 must-try dessert in Hanoi

Hanoi, a thousand year city, is known for its long history along with ancient streets as well as modern quarters, but Hanoi cuisine is...

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