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Learn about culinary Hanoi with food and drink in hanoi, where you can learn together and learn of delicious cuisine in the capital city.

Goi ngo sen (Lotus stem salad)

Goi ngo sen (Lotus stem salad)

A refreshing dish for hot days, “gỏi ngó sen” is healthy, vibrant, delicious on its own and certainly crunchy. >>The delicious dishes in Long Bien...
Thit kho (Vietnamese simmered meat)

Thit kho (Vietnamese simmered meat)

We also know that meat contains a number of important nutrients that are needed by our bodies for carrying out vital metabolic functions and...

Top 6 wonderful street snacks for hot summer days in Hanoi

If you go to the capital in summer days, the cool snacks like coconut ice-cream or sweet soups are the best choices for you.
Mixed rice paper

The special dishes for cold winter’s afternoon in Hanoi (P3)

Hot Banh gio with the flavor of meat, rice flour; crispy fried sticky rice or attractive mixed rice paper are one of the special...
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5 café shops attracting young people in Hanoi (P1)

If you can not stop to go out in the cold weather, you can choose the below café shops in Hanoi for your date. >>Food...

“Banh Phu The”

Banh Phu The is normally served at Vietnamese weddings and used as a wedding invitation or taken by the man’s family to the woman’s...
the old hanoi restaurant

The Old Hanoi Restaurant

The Old Hanoi Restaurant is located in the Ba Dinh District, of Hanoi city in Vietnam. Our aim is very simple, to provide the very best and...
Bun Thang - Culinary Arts of Hanoi

Bun Thang – Culinary Arts of Hanoi

Bun thang (“Ladder” soft noodle soup – Bún Thang) is typical dish for Culinary Arts of Hanoi. It is said that Hanoi cuisine is very picky, subtle, and it is also true with Bun Thang.
bun cha

How to eat Bun cha – an authentic treat of Hanoi...

>> Xôi vò (Mung Bean Coated Sticky Rice) >> Thit kho (Vietnamese simmered meat) Vietnamese cuisine might remind you of the most famous “Pho” but “Bun cha” is...

Beverage quintessence: Vietnamese wine

When we say that Vietnam is warming with reds these days, we aren't making a political statement, of course. We're talking about Vietnamese wine. With...

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