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Learn about culinary Hanoi with food and drink in hanoi, where you can learn together and learn of delicious cuisine in the capital city.


Beverage quintessence: Vietnamese wine

When we say that Vietnam is warming with reds these days, we aren't making a political statement, of course. We're talking about Vietnamese wine. With...
Xôi vò (Mung Bean Coated Sticky Rice)

Xôi vò (Mung Bean Coated Sticky Rice)

>>Thit kho (Vietnamese simmered meat) >>Goi ngo sen (Lotus stem salad) About "Xôi Vò" Although it is one of the most popular ways of preparing sticky rice,...

Rainbow Drink (che ba mau)

The rainbow drink is fun and filling, so much so that it can make a perfect afternoon snack on a hot summer’s day. Che...
Ca Kho - Simmered Fish

Ca Kho – Simmered Fish

If you get invited to a traditional Vietnamese dinner, chances are you will probably be treated to this ca kho. It is so basic and popular that in many homes served it almost every other day.
Lemon tea on Nha Chung street

Typical dishes of 36 streets in Hanoi (Part 1)

Hanoi has variety of delicious foods in both the sidewalk and luxury restaurants. Each street in 36 streets of Hanoi is famous for a...
Italy Da Paolo

Address for weekend: Two delicious restaurants using the manual oven (P1)

Two Western restaurants for the weekend which are appreciated for the quality of food are Pizza 4P's and Da Paolo using brick oven. >>The delicious...
The delicious dishes in Long Bien district

The delicious dishes in Long Bien district (P1)

Not only the featured flavor, the foods in Long Bien district also have an affordable price. It is sure that if you have an...
Hainanese chicken rice

Hainanese Chicken Rice on Lo Duc

Food not only chicken but cooked rice grains and chicken broth and spices like ginger, onion, garlic ... very flexible, soft and fragrant. Located on...
Famous dishes in Trieu Viet Vuong street, Hanoi

Famous dishes in Trieu Viet Vuong street, Hanoi (P1)

Trieu Viet Vuong street in Hai Ba Trung district is a busy street and is famous for a collection of delicious dishes. >>The special dishes...
Bun Thang - Culinary Arts of Hanoi

Bun Thang – Culinary Arts of Hanoi

Bun thang (“Ladder” soft noodle soup – Bún Thang) is typical dish for Culinary Arts of Hanoi. It is said that Hanoi cuisine is very picky, subtle, and it is also true with Bun Thang.

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