Hanoi Travel Experiences: When and Where You Should Go?

    Hanoi Travel Experiences: When and where you should go?
    Hanoi Travel Experiences: When and where you should go?

    Hanoi capital – the heart of the country, place the essence of the nation. Hanoi is not only famous for its beautiful landscapes and delicious food, the people in Hanoi also bringing a distinctive signature, which is grace, elegance, and sophistication on the way they talk, they act. That’s why you should come to visit Hanoi once time, I will share my experiences when traveling in Hanoi to share with you fully detail information for a perfect trip.

    Hanoi Travel Experiences: When and where you should go?
    Hanoi Travel Experiences: When and where you should go?

    Experiences travel In Hanoi 2017

    Hanoi – is the capital of culture with rich of histories, beautiful landscapes with delicious cuisine. If you have been traveling Hanoi once, you will never forget the typical atmosphere with  Hoan Kiem Lake ( Ho Guom), West lake (Ho Tay) with shady streets or quiet café.

    When to go? Best time to travel Hanoi

    When should you visit Hanoi?  Hanoi is in the humid tropical climate so there are two different types of weather: hot and humid, heavy rain in summer and dry, cool in winter.

    So, you should travel Hanoi in the Autumn of early September until the end of November, this time the weather is quite cool, not very hot and quite convenient for visiting. Of course, visit Hanoi in the winter is also very interesting, feel the cold, enjoy the delicious special foods are also a very attractive suggestion.

    How to get to Hanoi and How to get around the city?

    How can you go to Hanoi? You can go by airplane, by car, by train. If you stay far away from Hanoi you should go by airplane, if you live near Hanoi you can travel by car or train or travel to Hanoi by motorbike.

    Travel by airplane

    You can always find cheap flight ticket in Vietnam with these three airlines brand bellow:

    Note: Noi Bai Airport is about 30 km from the city center. If you come to Hanoi by a group, you can rent a taxi about 300,000 VND / trip or airport shuttle bus 50,000 VND / trip or go by public bus (lines 17, 07 and 86 to the city central). But ask the price before going to avoid being the overcharge.

    Noi Bai International Airport
    Noi Bai International Airport

    Take a train to Hanoi

    North-South train prices range from 750,000 VND – 1,300,000 VND / one way (depending on a hard chair, sofa or bed). Travel time about 2 days to Hanoi.

    Travel by bus to Hanoi

    Hanoi backpacker travel guide, there are two large bus companies go from South to North are Mai Linh and Hoang Long. You can buy tickets at the Eastern bus station (Ben Xe Mien Dong), the bus runs around 18:00, the ticket price is about 900,000 VND / bed tickets.

    + Travel to Hanoi by motorbike: travel by motorbike will be able to see beautiful scenery along the way. If you ride a motorbike from Saigon to Hanoi, you can stop to visit Nha Trang, Hoi An, Da Nang, Hue, Quang Tri.

    Transportation when traveling in Hanoi

    For transportation in Hanoi, you can use a taxi, “Xe om” or rent a motorbike, or use the bus in the city. However, to convenience for your travel, you should rent a motorbike to go around and can save the budget (price of the motorbike for rent in Hanoi from 50,000 to 200,000 VND / day).

    Hanoi Travel Experiences: When and where you should go?
    Hanoi Travel Experiences: When and where you should go?

    => Note, when you take “Xe om” you should negotiate the prices.

    Where to stay in Hanoi? Good quality hostel and hotel in Hanoi

    Where to stay when you travel in Hanoi? In Hanoi, budget hotels and hotel will be available a lot for you to choose. If you went to days of the days, set the previous week to avoid the state or price. To find a good hotel with reasonably-priced, if you want to stay in good services hotel, you should book through a travel agency will be much cheaper than renting it directly. This is a good experience to Hanoi you should pay attention.

    Hanoi Travel Experiences: When and where you should go?
    Hanoi Travel Experiences: When and where you should go?

    Hotels and guesthouses in Hanoi are also dependent your requirement and budget of each person. Below, are some suggestions from highest price to cheapest price for you to refer to:

    Popular hotel, reasonable price in Hanoi

    Melia Hanoi Hotel – 44B, Ly Thuong Kiet Street, Hoan Kiem District – 5-star standard, prices range from $199 – $274. This is a popular hotel in Hanoi that many visitors choose to spend time with. The facilities are modern, luxurious. Staying at this hotel surely you will have the most relaxing and unforgettable moment.

    Fortuna Hotel Hanoi – 6B Lang Ha, Ba Dinh District, Dong Da District – Standard 4.5 stars, room rates range from $166. The hotel is beautifully located, convenient to get to the famous tourist attractions in Hanoi. At $166 is a reasonable price for you get an incredible experience.

    Antique Hotel – 23 Lo Su, Old Quarter, Hoan Kiem District – 4.5 stars standard, room rates range from $38. If you are looking for a mid-range hotel, Antique Hotel is a good choice for you. With an affordable price, you can experience the best service.

    Helios Legend Hotel – No. 2D Duong Thanh Street – Hoan Kiem District. With a cheap budget within $24, the hotel is fully basic facilities and also this is a convenient place for you to travel around.

    Annie’s little Hanoi  – 1 Trang Thi st, Hoan Kiem District with a cheap budget within 750,000 VND you can stay in a cozy house.

    It is necessary to find homestay Ha Noi. Check it out to find suitable places according to where you want to stay in here

    What to eat? Enjoy the famous food in Hanoi

    What to eat when traveling to Hanoi? Below, are famous dishes you should not miss when traveling in Hanoi:

    + Pho is a longest traditional food that tourists cannot ignore when they come to Hanoi people often say “If you come to Hanoi without enjoying Pho means you have never been here.”  You can find Pho on the street food or enjoy the beef noodle soup, chicken Pho famous on Quan Thanh Street or Deep-fried Pho ( Pho Ap Chao ) Bat Dan street.


    Good place in Hanoi to eat Pho: 49 Bat Dan (near the center of the old town), Pho Thin 11 Lo Duc. These are the two best pho in Ha Thanh.

    + “Cha ca La Vong” is the food of the Ha Thanh people from a long time ago. Deep fried fish with noodle (bun), grilled rice paper (Banh da nuong), roasted peanuts with herbs, spices with flavor, sweet taste. Address: 14 Cho Ca street and 107 Nguyen Truong To. The price of La Vong fish fry is VND 175,000 per person.

    + Talking about delicious food in Hanoi, it is impossible not to mentioned about “Bun Cha”, grilled chopped marinated spicy marinated with spices mixed with green paprika mixed with vermicelli, fresh vegetables.

    There are many restaurants. The old town area includes Hang Manh street bun (near the corner of Hang Quat and Hang Non Street),  Duong Thanh st (near Hang Bong street). 47C Mai Hac De

    + “Bun dau mam tom” with yellow fried tofu, crispy, “Cha com” with a few slices of pork leg with shrimp sauce mixed with sour juice fruit, chili a little hot oil mixed together and eat with vegetables is delicious.

    Address to eat “Bun Dau Mam Tom” in Hanoi: Pham Dinh Ho and Hoa Ma pho, delicious, very good, should try, and only sell on lunch time. The old town has a famous Bun Dau Mam Tom at 55 Phat Low Lane, near Hang Be – Hang Mam crossroads, open at noon. Both are delicious.

    + “Banh Com lang Vong”, a dish from ancient times often appear at the pre-wedding party. The cake cover by the green color of fresh “Com” and yellow color by the green bean and the smell of fresh young “com” very attractive. In addition, you can try Ho Tay shrimp cakes (banh tom), vermicelli noodle (bun thang) , pho rolls (Pho cuon), paper roll (banh cuon) , fried noodles( Pho xao), etc.

    Places to visit places to have fun when traveling in Hanoi

    Where to go when traveling in Hanoi? You have a lot of different choices of places when visiting the capital. From cultural locations, romantic locations to entertainment place.

    Cultural tourism in Hanoi

    Ba Dinh Square – President Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum is a must visit the place to visit Hanoi. The historic Ba Dinh Square is where Uncle Ho reads the independent declaration of birth in Vietnam. The President’s Mausoleum is open five days a week, all morning, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday, when you visit Ho Chi Minh you must wear casual clothes. When you visit here, you should visit One Pillar Pagoda (Chua Mot Cot) and stilt house (Nha San), Ho Chi Minh fish pond.

    The famous sightseeing place in Hanoi, Van Mieu – Quoc Tu Giam, is the first university in Vietnam, today becomes the destination for many tourists, especially foreigners.

    Hanoi’s old quarter (Pho Co Ha Noi) is considered to be a unique place of the capital with houses and streets that have been in the late nineteenth century. Moreover, Hanoi Old Quarter is also a place of many famous and cheap food.

    The Hanoi Opera House is located on Trang Tien Street, the main street of the capital, where the country’s national events are happening.

    Hoan Kiem Lake is considered “flower basket” in the middle of the capital, associated with the national history. This is the destination of many people, cool scenery, especially you can enjoy Trang Tien ice-cream or Thuy Ta next to Hoan Kiem Lake.

    Romantic place to travel in Hanoi

    Long Bien Bridge (Cau Long Bien), Hoang Kiem Lake, West Lake (Ho Tay), Bai Da Song Hong, Bach Thao Park, Thu Le Park.

    Entertainment places in Hanoi

    St. Joseph’s Cathedral (Nha Tho Lon), Ice tea on the street (Tra Da via he) everywhere. Ta Hien beer, café at Hoan Kiem lake Lam cafe, Grass bar (Bar cỏ)  for young people at Hanoi’s old town, Vincom Ba Trieu, Vincom Mega Mall Royal city (Nguyen Trai), Ho Tay water park, National cinema, Me Tri Garden, Keangnam Building more than 70 floors

    Or explore the tourist destinations near Hanoi such as:

    – Ba Vi National Park (located in Ha Tay, about 30 km from Hanoi)

    – Tay Thien Monastery & Tam Dao “Tây Thiên thiền viện & Tam Đảo “ (50 km far from Hanoi to Vinh Phuc)

    – Huong Pagoda “Chùa Hương” (about 50 km from Hanoi)

    – Bat Trang pottery village (15 km far from Hanoi to Long Bien)

    – Lam Duong ancient village “Làng cổ Đường Lâm”  (30 km far from Hanoi to Ha Tay, Nhon junction or Thang Long avenue)

    – Co Loa citadel (located in Dong Anh district, about 20 km from Hanoi center)

    => If you are wondering what to buy as a gift, please see: What to buy as a gift when traveling in Hanoi?

    Another thing should be a note when you travel in Hanoi

    If you travel in the summer in Hanoi, so should choose thin clothes because of the hot weather, if winter should bring some warm clothes.

    If visiting President Ho Chi Minh mausoleum, museum or pagoda you should wear polite clothes. If you are visiting the old town, take a map with you because the road here is quite hard to go.

    When shopping at the market you should not ask for the discount price a lot because many sellers will feel uncomfortable so you should negotiate before buying.

    Do not go out after 12 o’clock because the road is very quiet, not safe for travelers.

    Experience travel in Hanoi

    1.     Landscape, weather, atmosphere: 8.0/10
    2.      People, Culture: 7.5/10
    3.     Food and drink: 8.0/10
    4.     Cost and price: 7.0/10


    Hanoi capital of the famous tourist destination in the North, not only famous for its scenic spots, historical sites, beautiful scenery, amusement parks. It also attracts visitors from its unique cuisine and friendly people. For more information about Hanoi or to make your plan successful, you can also visit travel website such as https://blog.traveloka.com/vn/