Most delicious food of Hanoi’s winter tourists must try

Most delicious food of Hanoi’s winter tourists must try
UPDATED: 20 Dec 2017 64 Views

Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam for a thousand years, not only is the place preserving the unique cultural values but also famous for beautiful sightseeing spots, hospitable people and especially an attractive cuisine. Each season has its own beauty and typical specialties to enjoy. In this post, we will introduce to you top 7 must-try dishes that can bring warm feeling to you in such cold weather.

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Grilled corn and sweet potatoes

Grilled corn (via Vteen)

In the cold winter, grilled corn and sweet potatoes are the two most popular snacks that can easily find on every streets of Hanoi. Not to be marinated or served with any spicy, they still is the favorite dishes of Hanoians for a long time, especially in the winter.

Vendors often begin to sell grilled corn and sweet potatoes from late afternoon. Corns and sweet potatoes are put on fire built by charcoal and constantly turned over until they are well cooked but not burnt. The interesting thing of enjoying grilled corns and potatoes is that people can gather, feel the cold of the winter and tell exciting stories to each other.

Boiled snails

Boiled snails (via Spicegasm)

Enjoying the hot boiled snails dish with spicy sauce is the habit of many Hanoi people in the cold winter nights. If Saigoneers often cook snails in a very complicated way, the Hanoians simply enjoy boiled snails.

Depending on processing way of each vendor, snails can be added lemongrass, chili, or lemon, coconut milk but the most important factor deciding whether the dish is delicious or not is the dipping sauce. The sauce must have full of ingredients such as ginger, garlic, lemon juice, lemon grass with the harmonious combination of sour, sweet taste but not too salty. Boiled snails are often served with unripe mango and figs.


Congee (via Hanoifood)

Congee is a favorite dish of many Hanoi people, especially in the cold winter. Only with some plastic chairs and a hot pot of congee, that’s enough to create a typical image of Hanoi’s street vendor. It can be eaten as plain rice soup or with additional ingredients such as chicken, duck, fish or pork.

Congee is not a hard-to-find dish however, in order to enjoy the most delicious dish, you must go to the right place. According to many locals and travelers, Dong Xuan market and Ngo Huyen Street are two places offering the best congee in Hanoi.

Pillow cakes and salty donuts

Pillow cakes (via

They are two kinds of famous salty cake for a cold day. Eating these cakes with sweet and sour sauce, you will feel the fat, aroma of meat, pepper, and vermicelli. They are often served with fish sauce and some green papaya slices. You can enjoy this tasty cakes at eateries on Lac Long Quan or Phuong Mai Street.

Hot rice flour cake

Hot rice flour cake eaten with dipping sauce, minced meat and onion is an ideal choice for you in these cold days of Hanoi. The cake not only looks eye-catching, but also when you try this dish, you will be really surprised by the special taste and delicate blend of ingredients. If you like spicy, you can add some chili slices to feel all the salty, sweet, fragrant and spicy taste of this attractive cake.

Pyramidal rice dumpling

Pyramidal rice dumpling (via Bao phu nu)

The hot pyramidal rice dumpling is the ideal choice for many people in the winter. The dish is made of rice flour and filled minced meat, ear mites, onions,… It can be eaten with pork pies, sausages. To enjoy this dish, you can visit the vendors on Dao Duy Tu, Hang Than, Thuy Khue, Nguyen Cong Tru, Dong Cac Street, Hom Market,… with the price from 12,000 to 15,000 VND/slot.

Roasted chestnuts

Although chestnut is not the specialty of Hanoi but it is sold on many streets in Hanoi during the cold season. Chestnuts are often boiled before being roasted with salt or sand; some vendors also add more honey to be more flavorful. 1kg chestnut costs about 100,000VND.

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