Top 10 most famous and beautiful garden restaurants in Hanoi

Top 10 most famous and beautiful garden restaurants in Hanoi
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Here is the list of 10 most famous and beautiful garden restaurants in Hanoi offering fresh air, green space and a lot of delicious dishes. Let’s find out!

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La Vong Seafood Restaurant

Address: 2A Nguyen Thi Thap, Trung Hoa Nhan Chinh

Representing the culinary elite of all 3 regions, North, Central and South, La Vong Restaurant is known one of the best garden restaurants with spacious space and high-class buffets in Hanoi. Designed in the French-style architecture, the restaurant is romantic, classic but not less luxurious. With more than 20 years of experience and gastronomic passion, the restaurant’s chef is constantly innovating new dishes, especially seafood soups.

La Vong Seafood Restaurant (via Kenh14)

Sashimi BBQ Garden

Address: 2B Nguyen Thi Thap, Cau Giay

Belonging to the project of high-class restaurants of the famous La Vong Group, Sashimi BBQ Garden has an area of 1800sqm, divided into 3 floors with capacity of 386 people. With the desire to bring the great combination between Japanese culture and cuisine in Hanoi, the restaurant is took care of every detail from menu to smallest décor items like flowers, plant spots,…

La Vong Beer Garden

A large space with the capacity up to 700 guests, 2 VIP rooms and open air space, La Vong Beer Garden is one of the few garden restaurants in Hanoi having such a large area. The restaurant also has a wide garden and playground for kids so parents can comfortably enjoy food without worrying children have no space to play.

La Vong Beer Garden (via TripAdvisor)

La Vong Restaurant

Location: Highway 21, Cau Vai Reo, Quoc Oai

Located in Quoc Oai town, about 20km from Hanoi center, La Vong Lau Cua Dong attracts guests not only because of the unique architecture that is harmonious with nature but also by the very delicious traditional Vietnamese food.

Soft Water Restaurant

Address: F361 An Duong, Tay Ho

With quiet space and impressive architecture, the restaurant is like a gift from nature in the heart of noisy, bustling Hanoi. Therefore, the restaurant is not only the great dining site but also the ideal wedding venue of many couples.

Soft Water Restaurant (via Soft Water Restaurant - blogger)

Sum Villa Restaurant

Location: 10 Dang Thai Mai

Situated in the beautiful garden of West Lake Villa, Sum Villa Restaurant is best restaurant offering the stunning panoramic view of the West Lake. Guests can both enjoy tasty dishes and see romantic West Lake through transparent windows, throwing away all stress after a hard-working day.

Sen Dam Tri

Address: No.2 Dang Thai Mai, Tay Ho

With a large area, the capacity of up to 1000 guests, right from the first step entering the restaurant, you can feel a very ancient space of Hanoi with floor made of Bat Trang bricks, folk paintings, rustic chairs,… Coming to the restaurant, guests will be immersed themselves in ancient atmosphere with old memories.

Sen Dam Tri (via YouTube)

Cong Vien Nho Restaurant

Location: 36/76 An Duong, Tay Ho

Visiting the restaurant, you will be able to see green grass like a soft natural mattress, beautiful paved stone road, colorful flowers,…

Tre Place Restaurant

Address: 142 An Duong Vuong, Tay Ho

Have you ever felt tired with the busy life and want to find a quiet place, a garden restaurant to enjoy a truly meal? Tre Place Restaurant is one of the greatest suggestions for you. A very peaceful countryside atmosphere, traditional Vietnamese cuisine, the popular and simple ingredients like chicken, shrimp, fish,… with the talent of chefs create the very eye-catching and yummy dish.

Tre Place Restaurant (via Clingme)

Moc Quan Restaurant

Address: No.6B Duong Thanh Street, Hoan Kiem

In the heart of bustling Hanoi, small and lesser-known Duong Thanh Street features one of the two oldest French houses in Hanoi which are listed as one of the works that need to be preserved from 2010. Under the shadow of the old trees, old roads, inside is an amazing space waiting for you to explore.

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