5 café shops attracting young people in Hanoi (P3)

5 café shops attracting young people in Hanoi (P3)
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If you can not stop to go out in the cold weather, you can choose the below café shops in Hanoi for your date.

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4. Rauta House Café

It must be said that Rauta does not have too prominent drink or special cakes, perhaps that is the reason why the owner spend more effort in bringing a really impressive space.

Rauta House Café Rauta House Café

Rauta - a small café shop, located on the beginning of a peaceful valley - is sure to attract you, especially those loving vintage style. From flowers old sofa or chair which is assembled from windows to the old brick walls, the light bulb, ornament and books in Rauta, all are sure to make you enjoy and feel strange.

Address: No. 1 Lane 97, Nguyen Chi Thanh

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5. Argento - the last one in list of cafe shops in Hanoi

If you come to Argento, make sure that you will try Red Velvet cake. It is no exaggeration to say for just 35,000 dong, in Hanoi it is very hard to find any shop owning more delicious cakes. Red Velvet in Argento is the perfect combination between the sweetness, gentle acidity and tangy butter taste without bringing feeling of tired. Do not forget to order a cup of tea called Phuc Long which costs about 35,000 VND. It will surely be the perfect complement which leads you to Argento next time.

Argento Argento

But apart from that famous couple, the other drinks in Argento are not particularly impressive and the frappes are also not fresh as in other shops. You should avoid coming here at rush hours because there are many students so the shop will serve slowly and not too quiet. Although there are quite a few disadvantages, Argento still attracts customers by peach tea and delicious Red Velvet Cake.

Address: 38 Ham Long.

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