6 must-try dessert in Hanoi

6 must-try dessert in Hanoi
6 must-try dessert in Hanoi

Hanoi, a thousand year city, is known for its long history along with ancient streets as well as modern quarters, but Hanoi cuisine is one of the best things visitors always keep in their minds wherever they are, especially dessert.

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Chè nhãn lồng sen (Longans dessert soup with lotus seed)

Despite not colourful, this dessert soup is a great combination with longan fruit with stewed lotus seed, the soup is coconut water then add some copra on the top. Actually, this is refresh dessert soup for hot summer days. Just follow us hanoi street food tour to savour refreshing noshes in hot days.

6 must-try dessert in Hanoi

Tào phớ caramen (Caramen tofu)

Both caramen and tofu are the refresh dish in the summer. The combination of them is incredibly great from a refreshing dish and a sweet one but they have the same advantage of being soft – creamy – smooth. To be more delicious when Tao Pho adds jelly, copra or coconut milk.

Thạch kem dừa (coconut cream with Jelly)

Made from fresh coconut, powdered seaweed and coconut milk all make a sweet refresh dish. Coconuts must have young copra, sweet coconut jelly, moderate freezing is enough to create a sense of cool, melt quickly in the mouth.

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Chè bơ, chè sầu riêng (the dessert with butter, durian)

About a year ago, on the streets Xa Dan Moi (Hanoi) had trend tasting a bowl of sweet dessert with butter or durian. At night, young people flock here and overwhelm on the sidewalk. This dessert soup includes jelliy with fresh avocado, durian You can add a little coconut milk or tapioca.

6 must-try dessert in Hanoi
Mixed chè

Kem xôi (sticky rice ice cream)

The sweet vanilla ice cream with sticky rice, fresh coconut, dried coconut all make a great dish and can enjoy both in winter and summer.

Kem dừa Thái Lan (Coconut Cream Thailand)

In the last year, the noshes coming from Origin Classified Golden Temple have made culinary trend in Hanoi which must-have the coconut ice cream. An impressive dish – a half of small coconut still retain the fresh and thin copra and the interior is cream-flavored cereal pellets, vanilla, durian … depending on options and then sprinkle a little peanut, dried coconut , fresh coconut, corn, jelly. Thus, the most expensive – about 40,000 – but the dish still attracts young people.