Chè Khúc Bạch

chè khúc bạch
“Chè khúc bạch” is very familiar to people in Southern Vietnam but it has been young people’s favourite dish in Hanoi since this summer. It also has another name that is “chè đậu hũ hạnh nhân”.“Khúc bạch” is made from gelatin, fresh milk and almond oil. “Chè” is cooked from sugar, sliced almond, fresh coconut, longan or litchi.The first restaurant having sold this dish for a year ago lies in Tay Son street, Dong Da district, Hanoi. Its owner said that when his restaurant sold this sweet gruel one year ago, not many people know it. Until this summer, chè khúc bạch is beloved by a lot of young people in Hanoi. Therefore, in order to attracts customers, many coffee shops and restaurants have updated this dish for their menu.  It has been really a trend.

The price for a cup of “chè khúc bạch” is around 15,000-25,000 VND.Some people have variations to make the gruel more delicious so now we have many kinds of “chè khúc bạch” such as: “chè khúc bạch” with fruits, with tofu, with cheese, with cocoa, with green tea or chocolate, etc.
chè khúc bạch
A owner of a shop on Hang Tre street said that her shop opens at 2 pm everyday and it is always crowded. It is really overcrowded after 7 pm. hanoi tourist
Miss Hong Linh, a student of Hanoi Open University, said she read some advertising information on the internet about “chè khúc bạch” so she and her friends decided to go for it. Many people like its fresh flavor. It is not too sweet and especially it is really cool.Instead of going to a restaurant to buy the sweet gruel, now you can call online shops, they will take it to you.