Hainanese Chicken Rice on Lo Duc

Hainanese chicken rice

Food not only chicken but cooked rice grains and chicken broth and spices like ginger, onion, garlic … very flexible, soft and fragrant.

Located on a street with a short but dense, concentrated communities, Kampong Chicken House specializes in chicken dishes, including Hainanese chicken rice Singapore style. This is one of the favorite eating places for young people and the office in the afternoon or weekend.

Chickens used in this restaurant is kind of natural chicken drop, fat, and make meat tender.

Hainanese chicken rice

To ensure the stability of the ingredients, the restaurant also own a farm investments chicken grazing natural way, supplying clean chicken. Model “from farm to fork” not only made the restaurant’s fresh chicken taste better, but also ensuring that food safety for customers.

The process of preparing chicken rice dish is not simple. First, the chicken must be steamed cooked, then put immediately into cold water. This makes hunting bumps and keep them sweet juice inside, make chicken is always tender and moist.

Hainanese chicken rice is very flexible, soft and fragrant. It’s the white rice cooked with chicken broth and spices like ginger, onions, garlic. Soft plastic rice grains, fat-free day but seems to have absorbed the essence of the taste of chicken broth.

view of the restaurant - Hainanese chicken rice

Steamed chicken coming, sweet, crispy skin, sliced ​​boned taste, cooked rice bowl of chicken broth fragrant plastic. However, the dish will not be complete without tasty sauce to your typical 3.

Initially, if you look at this sauce, you will not see the other with normal sauce, but tasted fresh when you know all three are prepared very carefully, everything should come together in rice dishes Hainanese chicken appealing. For Hainanese chicken rice is delicious tasty, all of the sauce ingredients must correct proportion, otherwise the dish will easily become banal.

In addition to Hainan chicken rice, the restaurant also had plenty of customers Favorite dishes like chicken legs crystal, baked chicken, mushroom chicken soup, chicken soup Thai chicken fried puffed rice, shredded chicken salad, Dong Tao chicken .. . very suitable for meetings, friends or seating.Hainanese chicken rice

The restaurant has space polite, elegant but with an affordable price. So, no need to go to take Lion Island, you can still taste the authentic Hainanese chicken rice, You’re right in Hanoi. This restaurant has many dishes and meals fit for the office, home.