Pickled Onions (Hanh Muoi) - delicacy of Vietnamese New Year

Pickled Onions (Hanh Muoi) - delicacy of Vietnamese New Year
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Pickled Onions (Hanh Muoi) is one of the indispensable dishes served in Tet Holiday of Vietnam.

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Pickled Onions on Tet

In Vietnamese culture, people may suffer from hunger all year round but they always try their best to be full at Tet: this truth holds water even for the poorest people.

Vietnamese Tet food is often carefully prepared and cooked in abundance in order to make the wish of a new wealthy year come true. And most food items exclusively associated with Tet usually comes in a preservable form - one that can last longer than daily meal. Delicacies such as: balsam apple sticky rice, boiled chicken, jellied meat are typical examples.

Pickled Onions Each family has a box of pickled onions like this on Tet holidays

However, eating too much meat often makes people feel sick and that is the right time for something sour, fresh and low-calorie to play the role of balancing – and Vietnamese pickled onions come as the ideal solution. And for many Vietnamese generations, pickled onions have been a cannot-be-missed dish during Tet holiday.

As much as a meat taste-countering ingredient, Vietnamese pickled onions also serve as a natural medicine for better digestion after high protein meals. The typical aromatic, crispy and sour taste of pickled onions going with fat jellied meat and tasty sticky rice cake awakens the Tet atmosphere in every family dinner.

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Pickled Onions the head of spring onions is cut to make this dish

How to make Pickled Onions

It is quite easy to make, so I would like to guide you how to make it in this article. Firstly, you have to collect the old welsh onion, hard and then cut away its tail, only keeping the roots. Next, you mash them in the ash water which includes borax in 2 days and 2 nights.
After that, pick up and take off the roots and the crust of them. Following, put into one box and then adding some salt. Remember, you have to can the box carefully, do not let the wind go inside. After 2 weeks, you can take them out and put into another box. In this new box, pour the vinegar sugar together. Next 3 days, you can enjoy it.
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