Shrimp Cake of West Lake

Shrimp Cake of West Lake
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Although shrimp cake (shrimp fried pancake) is available almost everywhere in the country, it is best at Nha hang Ho Tay (Ho Tay Restaurant) on the bank of Truc Bach lake.

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Where to enjoy

While diners await the arrival of the hot fried shrimp pastry, they can enjoy the picturesque lake and landscapes offered by the vast expanse of water from West Lake and the tree-lined Thanh Niên Road.

Shrimp Cake of West Lake Shrimp Cake of West Lake

The cake preparing process includes wheat flour mixed with potato fibres, placing on shape with shrimps upper, then fried with oil. The cake is brittle, soft, sweet-smelling, and served with vegetable pickles and sweet and sour fish sauce for best taste.

How to enjoy

The dish should be eaten as soon as it arrives at the table. The fried pastry is topped with red shrimps and is eaten together with dishes of spicy vegetables mixed with sweet and sour sauce.

Shrimp Cake of West Lake Shrimp Cake of West Lake

To remind you of the local shrimping business, waiters will often tell you that the shrimps that you have ordered for your meal have just been netted in nearby West Lake. This will be a memorable meal that will ensure that you remember your stay in Hanoi.

The shrimp fried pancake of West Lake now still keeps its traditional flavor and taste: hot, cracker cake dipped in skillfully made sauce which is sweet, sour and spicy.