The special dishes for cold winter’s afternoon in Hanoi (P2)

The special dishes for cold winter’s afternoon in Hanoi (P2)
UPDATED: 19 Feb 2016 125 Views

Hot Banh gio with the flavor of meat, rice flour; crispy fried sticky rice or attractive mixed rice paper are one of the special dishes you should try in cold winter’s afternoon in Hanoi.

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Chao suon - one of special dishes to Hanoians

It is simple that ground rice flour (or broken rice) is cooked with ribs, but this dish has been a familiar dish for along time in each afternoon of the people in Hanoi.

Chao suon Chao suon

These ribs porridge restaurants are usually affordable, just a pot and a dozen of plastic chairs, but that attracts hundreds of visitors each day. Some places are gathered together and the customers enjoy steaming bowl of porridge to feel the heat spreading in the body. It is a pleasant experience.

You will feel the sweetness of cooked porridge bowl with the broth, the taste of rice flour, the sweet of ribs spreading in the throat. You can eat together with ruoc or quay, at the price of about 20,000 VND. The most popular restaurant is in Ly Quoc Su Street.

Fried sticky rice

It is not hard to find a restaurant of fried sticky rice in Hanoi because this dish is suitable for cold winter days. The sticky and hot rice is rolled and then put into hot oil, fry until browned, simple but attracting many diners.