Three breakfast foods making Hanoi’s culinary brand (P1)

Three breakfast foods making Hanoi’s culinary brand (P1)
UPDATED: 12 Jan 2016 99 Views

Pho Bat Dan, Bun Thang Ba Duc and Xoi Ca Ro Lo Duc are the attractive breakfast foods which attracts many tourists coming to Hanoi.

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If you are a tourist visiting this city, do not forget to enjoy 3 breakfast foods which is popular by many local people.

Pho Bat Dan – one the most famous foods in Hanoi

Pho Bat Dan Pho Bat Dan

The Hanoians look to Pho Bat Dan restaurant not only because of its great taste, but also because of its long history. Many people may be surprised because the customers have to stand in line waiting their turn, and then find themselves a table to enjoy their bowl. However, the Hanoians do not feel annoyed because they consider it as a character of the restaurant. The broth is sweet and clear. It is not the sweet taste of monosodium glutamate but the sweet taste of bone stew for hours. Beef is very delicious. If you do not like queuing, you can sit at a roadside cafe and ask the waiter to buy a bowl for you. However, do not forget to pay tip for them.

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Xoi ca ro dong on Lo Duc street

Xoi ca ro dong Xoi ca ro dong

If anyone has ever eaten in Xoi Bu restaurant on Lo Duc street, they would hardly forget the special dish in here: Xoi ca ro dong (sticky rice with anabas). Referring to anabas, people often thinh of fried crispy fish with chilli fish sauce, Banh da ca ro with vegetables. However, this is the dish of anabas with sticky rice which is very delicious and good smelling.

The name sounds simple, but the processing of this food is very complicated. The sticky rice must be “Nep cai hoa vang” – the best sticky rice in Vietnam, it is soaked for at least three hours and then carefully cooked.