Three breakfast foods making Hanoi’s culinary brand (P2)

Three breakfast foods making Hanoi’s culinary brand (P2)
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Pho Bat Dan, Bun Thang Ba Duc and Xoi Ca Ro Lo Duc are the attractive breakfast foods which attracts many tourists coming to Hanoi.

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If you are a tourist visiting this city, do not forget to enjoy 3 breakfast foods which is popular by many local people.

Xoi ca ro dong on Lo Duc street – the unique foods

…The abanas are the healthiest ones then are reduced fishy and put into autoclave. After cooking, the fish is eliminated the bone, marinated spices to taste and fried with onion for delicious tasty fish.

Xoi ca ro dong Xoi ca ro dong

The combination of delicious fish and the sticky of Xoi and fried onion create the uique attraction. A bowl of Xoi will be served with a plate of add shallots non gold cumbersome, diners to taste lovely pieces of fish, and with the plasticity of days away creating dishes, fat but not bored. A bowl of sticky rice usually served with a plate of pickled cucumbers.

In addition, it is also known as the first restaurant using Ca Chai – a fish with fragrant meat to make fried rolls. The restaurant is opened at 6:30 – 22h30 daily. A bowl of Xoi ca ro dong costs 25,000 VND.

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Bun thang in Ba Duc restaurant

Bun thang Bun thang

The most sophisticated of Hanoi breakfast foods is Bun thang with 20 ingredients. When enjoying, the customer still feel the unique flavor of each ingredient that is still not mixed together, making up the sophistication of Hanoi’s cuisine. Therefore, not anyone can cook bun thang and bun thang does not sell poplularly around the streets like pho or other kinds of vermicelli and noodles.

Many people believe that, Bun thang in Ba Duc restaurant on Cau Go street is the best restaurant in Hanoi. The bowl of bun thang before serving is decorated fully with julienne fried egg, shredded chicken, julienne pork pie, pickled radish, mushrooms and shrimp then add broth from chicken bones and shrimp. The bowl of Bun thang in Ba Duc restaurant is very delicious and chicken is tender and not chewy. You can add a small spoon of shrimp paste into bowls to enjoy full flavor of the dish.