Top 6 wonderful street snacks for hot summer days in Hanoi


Hanoi’s cuisine has long been famous for many delicious traditional dishes and street food. Visiting well-known food streets at any time in Hanoi, travelers can easily find and taste the unique and attractive dishes. If you go to the capital in summer days, the cool snacks like coconut ice-cream or sweet soups are the best choices for you.

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Caramel Hang Than

Caramel Hang Than (via JAMJA)

Referred to Hang Than Street, many Hanoi people will immediately think of the famous caramel and vice versa, Hang Than is also the best place to enjoy caramel in the city. The reason making this dish special is the greasy taste and aroma of coffee that very hard to find in anywhere else. Moreover, the caramel Hang Than is also renowned for its softness, sweetness and rich menu. Dinners coming here can enjoy a traditional caramel dish or other delicious variations such as fruit caramel, black sticky rice caramel or yogurt caramel, etc.

Coconut ice-cream on Hang Than Street

Coconut ice-cream on Hang Than Street (via Hanoi Gecko Hotel)

Besides caramel, Hang Than street is also the ideal site for you to savor the stunning coconut ice-cream – a popular dish in the hot summer days. The cool ice creams are placed in the coconut and then covered with fresh coconut, chocolate sauce, crushed peanut and a tube of cinnamon. This dish attracts visitor right at the first sight because of its beautiful decoration and the cool taste when enjoying. Ice cream is very tasty, not too sweet, not too strong smell like the others that make people want to eat more and more.

Coconut jelly at 54 Hang Cot Street

Coconut jelly (via Scooter Saigon Tour)

Originated from Ben Tre but when appearing in Hanoi, coconut jelly quickly becomes a favorite dish of many locals and travelers especially in the summer. In Hanoi, if you want to enjoy this dish, you should go to Hang Cot Street. The advantage is its different tender coconut copra which is very thin and fresh. The coconut jelly also must be clear with fatty sweetness, not too soft and always cool. The special taste of the coconut ice cream on Hang Cot Street will definitely never let you down.

Sweet soup on Dao Duy Tu Street

Sweet soup Dao Duy Tu (via

Sweet soup (Che) maybe is the most popular dish in summer in Hanoi. Walking around Hanoi Old Quarter or any streets, you can easily find a vendor selling variety kinds of sweet soup. The street we suggest you go to enjoy this dish is Dao Duy Tu Street which is not only attractive by its famous lemon tea but also by many kinds of delicious and eye-catching “Che”.

Besides having a good taste, Che Dao Duy Tu is loved by many people because of its delicate decoration, each bowl of Che is like a work of art that make everyone want to look at. Each bowl before served for dinners is beautifully decorated by seller to be more attractive.

To Tich mixed fresh fruit

To Tich mixed fruit (via blogger)

Only less than 100-meter long, To Tich Street features nearly a dozen of different shops and all of them are always crowded. The mixed fresh fruit dishes in here are pretty simple in processing with the popular and available ingredients in the summer like watermelon, pineapple, plum,… The fruits after bought are washed and sliced into small pieces then mixed with condensed milk, coconut milk and grinded ice; and we already have a glass of delicious mixed fresh fruit.


Patbingsu (via Kenh14)

Patbingsu is a sweet dish of Korean. With variety of ingredients and cool taste, it is really an ideal dish to enjoy in the hot days. Besides traditional patbingsu with shaved ice, sweet red beans and fruit, coming to Hanoi, it has been changed with a lot of other ingredients such as yogurt, cereal grains, marshmallow, almonds, etc.

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