Fall Tours Hanoi – BaiDinh – Ha Long

Fall tours

The beauty of the capital when the thousand years of civilization in revenue from flutter how long did people go guys in mind, go deep into the subconscious through verse word ca. When the sweltering heat of summer abated, giving way to autumn leaves yellow tinged Hanoi 36 streets, the vague wind blows gloomy Sword Lake, for the eventual rain and sunny afternoon light … all makes this land to attract foreign tourists. Let’s choose our fall tours.

Fall tours

DETAILED SCHEDULEHanoi vietnam package tour
Day 01: HCMC – Hanoi
AM: After about 2 hours of flight, you have to Haiphong and Halong sailed. Distance from Cat Bi airport to Halong about 60km, along the way you will feel the north have very distinct features of different regions from climate to the scene. Visitors to Ha Long, check in hotel and rest, then have lunch.

PM: After lunch, sightseeing Depart Long Tien Pagoda, the temple was built in 1941 to more than 7 decades now. This is the temple has the largest area of ​​Ha Long, famous for the unique architecture of the Nguyen Dynasty to the great wall, the beautiful wooden sculptures and also very sacred. Visitors often light incense pagoda bridge “Tran Holy” here please fortune for himself and family. After visiting the temple, you will be visiting and shopping at Halong – Hon Gai. This market area is famous for fresh seafood vast and affordable. In particular, there is very tasty rolls fresh ink for ink is made fresh by hand pounding type 1 and should retain the natural sweetness of ink. Leave the market, you visit the administrative center of the province of Quang Ninh Hon Gai.
At night, dinner at Union Restaurant Royal Vietnam, then returned to the room to rest or roam freely Bai Chay night market. This is a bustling night market, with more colors than 300 booths sold items unique art from everywhere and especially the products here are always changing in form “promote season” – should always create interesting and accessible for visitors to purchase.

Day 02: HA LONG – YEN TU – HANOI (Breakfast, lunch & dinner)
AM: After breakfast at the hotel, check-out procedures, the car will transfer to the marina for yachts Bai Chay visit Halong Bay. Charming beautiful bay is famous not only in Vietnam but also the world known to be a unique natural wonder. Recognized by UNESCO as a World Natural Heritage in 1994, Halong Bay is quite attractive destination for tourists from everywhere. On the bay with Thien Cung cave Cau Go, Bo Nau restaurant … In the Bay cruise tour, visitors contemplate firsthand the island, Ga Choi Islet Luu Huong Stone, Dog Da..cam receive natural wonder of the islands, rocky islands scattered over the vast sea. The more amazing than when you just watch and enjoy sea views lunch on the boat, because the crew prepared.

PM: After a tour by boat, we set off Group tours scenic Yen Tu Mountain Land Buddhism. It is the relic temple, towers, pagodas and shrines … built first at Lord Trinh and where many high-level practice of increasing the Ly, Tran as Thich Quang time, Dao Van, Vienna Stock. Especially King Tran Nhan Tong gave up the throne, austerities here and founded the Truc Lam Zen. Road to visit Yen Tu will reduce the time and effort of tourists walking by with a modern cable car as a means of migrating. Go to the temple where they will visit the United Yen- Factor Tower – Temple One Roof, An Ky Sinh and conquer Dong Pagoda, famous place called Phu Van Yen Tu. After the visit, the delegation set off to Hanoi, dinner at restaurant De Nhat Trang Thi. Finished dinner, guests of the hotel, resting or walking from Old Quarter of Hanoi with its own poetry in the weather in autumn.

Day 03: Hanoi – Ninh Binh – HANOI (Breakfast, afternoon & evening)
AM: How to Hanoi than 90km, Ninh Binh Tam Coc – Bich Dong also called Dry Halong attracts many tourists to visit. Prior to Tam Coc – Bich Dong, you can visit the Bai Dinh Pagoda – works not only historical and cultural value but also a place for guests to sightseeing. The temple holds the record longest corridor Arhat Asia, the largest Buddha Maitreya temple in Southeast Asia and the largest campus in Southeast Asia.

PM: After lunch with specialty Ninh Binh, we take rowing boat tour Ngo Dong River, explore Tam Coc – Bich Dong, the place is famous landscapes of Vietnam land at Dinh Le, this is Guests loved and called Ha Long Bay on land. With limestone mountains as walls shielding immense rice fields, the landscape on the way to visit Tam Coc-Bich Dong like a seductive paintings fascinate connoisseurs. After visiting Tam Coc-Bich Dong, you can visit the temple of King Dinh margins. two temples about 500m apart, though not massive but elegant structure and quite exquisite woodcarving. Visit, visit and listen cult guide tells of the legend Queen Duong Van Nga. Leaving the temple, you go back to Hanoi. Dine with West Lake shrimp cake. Finished dinner you rest or free to visit at night the streets of Hanoi.

Day 04: HANOI – BA DINH (breakfast, afternoon & evening)
AM: After breakfast with Pho Hanoi, guests will visit the Government guest house to review the footage of the final moments of The Doctor. Following the line of emotions, the delegation moved to the historic Ba Dinh Square, where the Declaration of Independence of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam is sung. Continue to visit the Mausoleum, burn incense to the father of the nation. After the visit and take photos at Ba Dinh Square, the group will continue to visit the vestige place to live and work in a time of Physicians: floor – Fishponds Uncle Ho – United Republic.
When to Hanoi to visit and learn about the cultural history, not to be missed 4 defending sacred temple of the ancient capital of the 4 corners. Visiting Thang Long Tu Tran, learn about the formation of this temple as well as 4 of the capital. The delegation will feel own identity Hanoi collected when walking along the road Ngu – Hanoi’s most beautiful ramp located next to West Lake and Truc Bach Lake. On the way, the group will stop to visit the oldest temple of the capital is Tran Quoc Pagoda. Religious buildings are located on the small island named Kim Ngu in Westlake and built from the Ly Nam De and other named Khai Quoc Pagoda. After sightseeing, lunch at Restaurant Beijing.

Afternoon: continue to visit thousands of years of culture capital through cultural work is the team’s Van Mieu – Quoc Tu Giam. This is the first university of Vietnam. Eyes gaze at Beer Phd, location to save the name of the Doctor of feudal Vietnam. And would be regrettable if ignored experience walking around the 36 streets of Hanoi by means characterized nostalgic: Cyclo. Casual cruise tour by cyclo clearance will make you get that, pedicabs are not merely a means, but also an indispensable cultural feature makes your tour in the Capital Hanoi add more poetic.

Day 05: HANOI – BAT TRANG – HCMC (Breakfast & Lunch)
AM: The last five villages in Hanoi are always visitors come to visit like to know more more about the culture of the North country villages. In the village, Bat Trang – can say is one of the villages headed by a charismatic traveler a huge yearly. You come here not only to visit but also can purchase the unique ceramic products in village with more than 500 years old. Visiting the village, you also have the opportunity to hand make these products for their own simple. After visiting you lunch at restaurant Kim Lien. Then departure to Hanoi.

Welcome to our fall tours! You will have a memorable journey.

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