Bat Trang Ceramic –Van Phuc Silk


In the past, after harvest time, Vietnamese people made handicraft works to meet their own needs. Their products are very skillful and sophisticated, even though they are farmers and do not specialize in handicrafts. The techniques were kept secret, but taught to relatives or fellow villagers. The village, therefore, became a very important institution in the handicraft industry. The village’s name became the trademark of handicraft products made by its villagers.In this tour, you will have an opportunity to visit two of the most famous handicraft villages in Hanoi – Bat Trang & Van Phuc.

We will drive to Bat Trang Ceramic Village. This handicraft village is about 13 kilometers south east of Hanoi center, on the other side of Chuong Duong bridge. It is famous for producing a unique style of ceramics called Bat Trang Porcelain. Up to present, Bat Trang has still been operating and developing ceaselessly. It currently has a population of 6,500, including some 1,300 ceramics production households that operate more than 2,000 kilns. More than 30 companies are also producing and trading ceramics in Bat Trang and the village is buzzing with activities. Come to this village, we will have a chance to watch the forming, painting, heating & subsequent cooling process. You can even try to make your own products for a little amount of fee, with the careful instruction of the artisans.


After having lunch at a local restaurant, we will continue our trip in Van Phuc Silk Village. Just 15km to the west of Hanoi, this commune is well-known over centuries for its silk-making and silk products. In recent years, the village has enjoyed the revival of its craft due to a surging demand for silk in both the domestic and foreign markets. It has long been a universal byword of luxury, often worn by the world’s richest, most powerful citizens, nowadays, the fine and lustrous cloth that originally comes from the cocoon of the silkworm is much more affordable for “ordinary” folk. Silk is currently enjoying a fashion renaissance, particularly as its many varieties can be made into a wide range of designs suitable for all facets of modern life. The Hanoi’s special charm is also found in this village’s traditional pagodas and temples, along narrow streets filled with vendors and beside quiet, reflecting tranquil lakes. You will have time to take photos and go shopping there until 4.30 pm.

Van phuc

After that, we will return to the urban area in Hanoi, finishing the unforgetable trip.


• Car/Van in the tour.

• English speaking guide.

• Mineral water on the car.

• Insurance in tour.

• All meal at restaurant.

• Entrance fee.


• All airfares, transfers, hotels & visa arrangements.

• All services not clearly included.

• Tip for driver and guide.  hanoi tours