Personalized Private Food & Shopping Tour

Time: to suit your requirements (hotel pick up time from 8.00am to 6.00pm daily)
Type: Personalized Private Tour
With a Personalised Private Tour, you tell us what you want to see and do and we will take you there. This is a fully flexible service offered to Paloma Motorbike Tours’ Guest’s who want to Explore

Experience Enjoy Hanoi like a local but with full flexibility.  To book this Tour we need to find out what you want to do. Please take a few minutes to fill out the questionnaire on the booking form so we can take you where you want to see and do.

Paloma Motorbike Tours want to give you am experience in Hanoi you will will have fond memories of for years to come.
The Fabulous Food:
Personalized Private Food Pho, Bun Cha, Banh My, Bia Hoi are all names you will see time after time on the streets of Hanoi. These are a few of the fabulous foods that Hanoians have developed over many generations of cooking.
Would you like to try something that you would not think you could eat in your wildest dreams? Hanoians are famous for eating every part of the vegetable or animal they use. By day or by night, from 5 Star Restaurant to Street Stall and everything in between, let your gastronomic imagination run wild and experience all that Hanoi has to offer.
With a Paloma Personalized Private Food & Shopping Tour your can pick and choose the foods you want to experience. Are you a Vegetarian? Perhaps you are you a Carnivore, or you love Seafood?

Maybe you want to try a little of everything or something unknown? All tastes are catered for and it your choice, so tell us what you like and we will show you the way.

The Spectacular Shopping:

Shopping Tour Don’t waste time looking for the items on your list, let Paloma Motorbike Tours guide you to the stores you need. From small Boutique Art / Craft / Antique / Clothes Stores to large Mega Mart Stores that stock everything from a builders’ nail to household goods and more, we can show you the way.
Your guide will act as your personal translator to help find just the product you need with ease. Ask your guide to step in when it’s time to cut a deal and the bargaining needs to be done. Your wallet will not be disappointed when you negotiate and pay like a local.
Paloma Motorbike Tours can service your desire to organize the perfect Private Food & Shopping Tour to suit your personality and time requirements. Eat, Shop and Explore.
Contact our friendly staff and don’t be shy. Make your stay in Hanoi memorable and live it like a local.

What’s included per person:
  • Motorbike with a high quality Helmet
  • T-Shirt: Paloma Motorbike Tours
  • Full Insurance Cover
  • Tour Guide Leader
  • Tour Guide Coordinator
  • Tour Guide / English to Vietnamese Translator to drive your motorbike and answer your questions
  • Head-set Communication System so Guests will be in constant communication with the Tour Guide
  • Fuel
  • Wet Weather Poncho (if required)
  • Free Hotel pick up and drop off
What’s not included per person:
  • Gratitude / Tips to Tour Guide
  • Food or Drink of any type
  • Any items not mentioned above.  travel to vietnam