6 wonderful homestays for your vacation in Hanoi


Recent year, homestay is a favorite place to stay of many young people instead of hotel. Homestays with creative design always offers visitors comfortable and relaxing feelings. Unlike hotels, homestays are often designed separately providing you more private spaces to take rest and relax. It can be a great stopover in your journey to explore a different Hanoi, also a good place for you to F5 yourself after hard-working days. If you are looking for a best homestay for your vacation in Hanoi, these homestays are the great suggestion for you.

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Mei’s Hideaway

Mei’s Hideaway

Mei’s Hideaway was built for more than 80 years old so there was no surprise when the nostalgic atmosphere is filling at every corner in this homestay. It has two main floors and a mezzanine in the middle where you can read book, listen to music and enjoy the comfortable smell of the homestay. Designed with vintage style, the furniture in Mei’s are quite simple, combined with spacious space. Walls and pillow’s color is very delicate with bright pastel color.

The most favorite thing of many visitors maybe is the small and pretty kitchen in Mei’s which looks like a “pinterest in your home”, overlooking the Truc Bach Lake. The kitchen is equipped with full of kitchen utensils so you also can prepare meal by yourself. Mei’s is not suitable for large groups, the most ideal is couple or a group of 3-4 people. Having dinner in a cozy space, sitting around table on the 3rd floor balcony to see street chatting together, that’s too enough for a beautiful weekend.

Address: Near Truc Bach Lake

Price: 1,200,000VND/night.

Le Bleu Nui Truc

Le Bleu

As the first brand of homestay in Hanoi, Le Bleu Nui Truc also is designed with simple and lovely syle, bringing the unique feature of the owner. Le Bleu Nui Truc offers a quiet, warm space with only 2 bedrooms. One room is quite dark and the other is brighter because it has a balcony. The highlight is balcony which is designed as a small garden. Moreover, each items in this homestay tells a different story, different story. The owner has traveled through many places, many countries and in each place, he bought some small items to keep memory as well as decorate such as Buddha image painting from Myanmar or Buddha statue from Bhutan.

Le Bleu Nui Truc will be a perfect choice for those who love to stay in quiet and peaceful homestay. It would be great if you come here to find your inspiration in work and creativity.

Price: 900,000VND/night.

Au Frais

Au Frais

If Mei’s Hideaway and Le Bleu Nui Truc are suitable for visitors who like quiet, peaceful homestay, the Au Frais offers an opened space for eventful parties in the weekend. Located on the 9th floor of a building along West Lake, Au Frais features a spacious space with stunning West Lake view. The highlight of this homestay is the garden with outdoor tables and bright light which is great place to set up an outdoor party at the weekend. With the affordable price, Au Frais is an ideal suggestion for you to enjoy another beauty of Hanoi.

Price: 600,000VND/night

Tree House

Tree House

If you are looking for an unique homestay, do not miss “Tree House”. Located on Ngoc Thuy, Gia Lam, it is famous for houses built on trees. The homestay consists of many houses, each house is designed in its own style, giving visitors feeling like they are living in a fairy space. Although the house was built on tree, it still is equipped with full of facilities. Each room has stunning view, overlooking the surrounding area.

Price: 1,300,000VND/night/2 people.


Satori Homestay

There are two Satori addresses for your choice: one in Quang Trung and the other in Hang Hanh. Satori offers a reasonable price, suitable for couple or small group (3-4 people). It is a shared-house, you can rent a room in the house so Satori will be an ideal place for young people who want to meet new friends.

Address: 2F Quang Trung, 39D Hang Hanh

Price: 600,000-700,000VND/2 people.

Cuc Cu homestay

Cuc Cu Homestay

Located in an old French-style apartment, Cuc Cu homestay is divided into 4 rooms with 2 bedrooms and can accommodate up to 6 people. The most distinctive feature is the small window next to the bed with many plant pots making a fresh and cozy space. Cheap, cozy and lovely space, Cuc Cu will be a perfect place of many visitors to explore Hanoi.

Address: No.4 Vong Duc

Price: 1,000,000VND/night.

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