5 best coffee shops for you to enjoy panoramic view Hoan Kiem Lake


Impressive, artistic, unique, ancient are some adjectives which people often use to describe these coffee shops. It can be quite hard to find because the coffee shops usually located in the small alleys. However, tasting Hanoi’s coffee or other drinks and enjoying the panoramic view of Hoan Kiem Lake in one of these coffee shops are interesting experience in the Vietnam’s capital city you should not miss.

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Dinh Café

Best coffee shops for you to enjoy panoramic view Hoan Kiem Lake

One of the most favorite coffee shops to see Hoan Kiem view maybe is Dinh Café. It attracts many visitors because of its balcony facing the lake and very special space. Dinh Café is probably not a strange name with Hanoians generations 7X or 8X. It is quite small, only about 20m2 wide but always crowded. Guests come here are mainly students, and art enthusiasts.

The ancient space, moss-covered walls or the rustic balcony are the features make it different from the others and attract tourists. There is probably nothing better than sitting in Dinh Café, enjoying a cup of egg coffee on the rainy day and chatting with friends.

Sketch Coffee

Sketch Coffee

Sketch Coffee is located in the corner of the intersection of Dinh Tien Hoang Street and Hoan Kiem Lake, next to Thang Long Puppet Theater. The space of Sketch is relatively small but very impressive and artistic in decoration. The most attractive point of this coffee shop is balcony where guests can admire the panoramic view of Sword Lake, sometimes hear the bell from the Puppet Theater.

Bottom up

Hoan Kiem Lake panoramic view

Bottom up is decorated in a modern, youthful style. It has 3 floors, the area is quite small but the highlight is the balconies look down the crowded streets of Hanoi Old Quarter. These seats are always full before the streets light up. The top floor offers the most beautiful view, no walls on three sides, very airy. Bottom up is situated right at the corner of the intersection so you can see the surrounding streets and a part of the Hoan Kiem Lake.

Café Pho Co

Cafe Pho Co

The lane leading to Café Pho Co is small and quite dark but coming to this coffee shop, you will have the feeling that you are living in the ancient space, totally different from the outside world. Go into the yard of this old house and then go through the steps leading to the terrace, it is the best place to enjoy the beautiful view of Hanoi.

You also can sit on the 2nd or 3rd floor. Although Café Pho Co’s design is not very impressive, it is a romantic dating point and a popular spot to watching fireworks in Hanoi. Visiting here especially in the winter, don’t forget to order a cup egg coffee.

L’etage Café

L’etage Cafe 

L’etage Café in French means “café upstairs” to describe its location. This coffee shop is situated on the 2nd floor of an old villa which becomes a familiar image in the mind of many Hanoian generations. Like other coffee shops along the lake, L’etage Café is quite small but has a sophisticated and artistic design.

The balcony at L’etage Café usually is the most wanted seat of many visitors. From here, you can look down a corner of Sword Lake, however, the balcony is small, only accommodates 5 – 6 guests.

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