Best noodles restaurants for breakfast in Hanoi


Noodle probably is one of the most popular dishes for breakfast in Hanoi. So if you want to taste noodle in Hanoi, here are some best addresses for you. These noodles restaurants are not only incredibly delicious but also quite cheap with the price ranging from 30,000 to 35,000VND/bowl.

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Bun Moc Hang Luoc

Bun Moc Hang Luoc

Bun Moc restaurant in Hang Luoc street has been put into operation for more than 30 years. It can be said that Bun Moc in here still retains traditional flavor with basic ingredients such as pork paste, mushroom and bamboo shoots.

The restaurant only sells Bun Moc but it is always crowded with customers at meal times. Bun Moc Hang Luoc has an unique flavor which nowhere else can find. The price for a bowl of Bun Moc is not expensive, just 25,000 – 30,000VND. Opening hours are early morning to 10pm daily.

Bun Oc O Quan Chuong

Bun Oc

The main ingredient of this dish is apple snail. The more fresh, fat apple snail, the more delicious noodles. After boiling the snails, people spit out and remove all the intestines, just take the mouth of the snail and soak it in vinegar to remove odor.

The restaurant only serves in the morning, so if you want to taste this amazing noodles bowl, you should go early. The price of a bowl is about 30,000VND and is 35,000VND if you want more noodles.

Bun Rieu Oc at Dong Xuan market

Dong Xuan market is not only an attractive tourist destination in Hanoi but also a low-cost culinary paradise with a lot of dishes such as che, porridge, pancakes, fruit beams and a famous dish that cannot be ignored is Bun Rieu Oc. With only 35-40,000VND, you can enjoy a very delicious bowl of Bun Rieu Oc served with raw vegetables and unique fish sauce.

Bun Thang Cau Go

Bun Thang Ba Duc

Known as a famous dish of ancient Hanoi and now, people still retains its traditional flavors. If you want to taste original Bun Thang in Hanoi, let go to Cau Go Street. There are about 3-4 restaurants on this street but the highly recommended address is Bun Thang Ba Duc at 48 Cau Go.

Bun Thang is a special kind of noodle soup comprised of rice vermicelli, thinly sliced chicken pieces, omelet, mushrooms and chopped fresh herbs. One of its secret ingredents is a tiny dollop of shrimp paste, which helps to bring out the flavors of the other ingredients, and the combination of mild chicken broth and pungent shrimp paste is simply divine. A bowl of Bun Thang at Cau Go street costs about 35,000VND.

Bun Rieu Hang Bac

Bun Rieu

At Hang Bac Street, there is a small noodle eatery that very famous with many people located at number 11. The restaurant is very small and only sells from early morning to midday. Bun (rice vermicelli) is eaten with oc (freshwater snails) and rieu (minced freshwater mini crabs), can be served with fried tofu and sometimes, thinly sliced beef fillet. The prices here are uneatable, only 25-50,000VND/bowl.

Mien Luon

It is made from mien (cellophane noodles), luon (eels), fried shallots, bean sprouts and cilantro. The eels are usually deep fried to eliminate their fishy smell and to add a tasty, crunchy touch to the dish. To enjoy this dish, you can go to Minh Lan restaurant on Chan Cam Street.

Pho Cuon on Ngu Xa Street

Pho Cuon Ngu Xa

The first Pho Cuon restaurant was opened about 10 years ago on Ngu Xa village. Making Pho Cuon is quite simple, you can make it at home. The main ingredients include Pho Cuon, beef or pork meat, raw vegetables, fried egg, etc. You just place all ingredients on Pho Cuon and roll tightly. Pho Cuon often is served with sweet and sour fish sauce, simple yet delicious.

Sour Noodles, Nguyen Huu Huan Street

Customers will be attracted with sour noodles right at the first sight because of yellow color of fried sweet potatoe, red color of Chinese sausage and fresh green color of herbs. To make a delicious bowl of sour noodles, they have to use many ingredients such as dried cuttlefish, Chinese sausage, fried onions, herbs, potatoes,…

Hanoi is considered as a paradise for those who love to taste street foods. You can see more some street foods must-try in Hanoi in here.  To get more about foods and drinks as well as Hanoi’s tourism, you can visit our website. Please let us know if you have any questions or further information. You can also share this article if you liked it!